Terrorists Have A New Leader In Obama

Obama need not worry about his presidency expiring in 2 years. There is a new group that terrorizes the world and Obama could easily be crowned its president. After all, America’s current president is fully sympathetic to the terrorists’ cause. In fact, Obama is fully qualified to take up the job; he has community organization experience and terrorist community is a strong one! Mind you, this group which loosely bands under various names of Al Qaeda, Al-Ansharia, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and others is not to be mistaken with terrorists. There are no terrorists in Obama’s world only a few hard core men and women who insist on shoving Sharia down everyone’s throats. In this instance, these abnormal people are like Obama who has done the same thing in America as well. Thanks to Obama, Bergdahl’s father invoked Allah and Mohammad’s names from the White House when he got his son the deserter back. In essence, this act was a little flag of victory for Muslim radicals. Meanwhile, other proxy groups like Muslim Brotherhood and Cair and others continue to enjoy full dinners with Obama. It’s part of Obama’s strategy for garnering votes in the coming years for a possible presidency sans America.

Obama is not alone in this endeavor; he has the backing of most Liberals, most Democrats, the State Department, the entire Left and of course the White House. Obama just freed Bergdahl for 5 dangerous men from Gitmo. Reid and Pelosi gave assurances of evil five’s inability to harm America as well; even Qatar let them loose to do whatever they want! Surely, Obama has 5 votes assured from the evil five; he will have more when Gitmo Five will spread the word about America’s President acting in the interests of terrorists. When Obama nabbed Benghazi terrorist Abu Khatallah (not Special Forces), that gave Obama another valuable vote. The carrier, currently holding Abu will go round and round till Obama’s henchman Holder is perfectly ready with his book of Miranda Rights. This is a special book because almost no other president has felt the need to grant immense rights and privileges to criminals, killers and terrorists. In the book are also references for American attorneys ready to defend the rights of terrorists just in case Obama did not come through with his post-America-presidency-promises.

Obama has assured his base that he will do everything in his power to bring all terrorists or men who try to harm others knowingly and unknowingly under the garb of religion or any ideology – to justice in NY. This would be wonderful because any terrorists nabbed would look wistfully at the gap that was Twin Towers brought down by their brethren. In here they would hatch some more plots for Obama’s next presidency and unfortunately for America’s demise. Sitting in maximum security jails and being well fed at the cost of American taxpayers, these terrorists would be able to maximize support for Obama through their world wide network of terrorism. Obama and Holder would make sure no torture would ever be carried out because that is not what America does; it only allows its own to be beheaded, killed, burned and brought in to be questioned for patriotism. Obama is also getting ready to garner some votes from countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and of course Pakistan. This is Obama’s new voter base. They love Obama here because as their leader, he will give them what they want plus he will be easy to dispose of as well. Terrorists saw the size of those two pound weights! Before you know Obama will be their next president and just as easily will be gotten rid of as well; that part of the world doesn’t like kings and presidents and leaders to last for too long.

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