Benghazi Terrorist Captured: What About It?

Washington Post claimed Obama had ‘I told you so’ moment when a lonely Benghazi terrorist was captured by American forces but surprisingly added that it might be short lived for the president! “It’s important for us to send a message to the world that when Americans are attacked, no matter how long it takes, we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice,” the president said Tuesday at an event in Pittsburgh. “That’s a message I sent the day after it happened, and regardless of how long it takes, we will find you. I want to make sure everyone around the world hears that message very clearly.”

Of course, the magical moment of the capture of Abu Khatallahwas going to be short lived. Benghazi cover-up still stays that and nothing less, simply for the reason that Benghazi became such a terrible situation not only because 4 Americans died but because Obama administration changed the ‘talking points’ to deceive American public just before his re-election in 2012. Everything Obama said before Benghazi was a lie. Al-Qaeda was NOT on the run and they proved it in the horrific attack on American Consulate in Benghazi! 4 Americans died including the Ambassador. And what did Obama, Hillary and Rice do? They blamed it on a silly video; they apologized to the Muslim world; they declared their lies from the ramparts of UN.

Counting Benghazi, how many cover-ups will it take to wake American public? As Obama begins his countdown, his scandals keep growing. Obama brings Bergdahl home to hide simmering Veteran Affairs scandal; he declares catching one lone Benghazi terrorist to deflect his culpability in Benghazi terrorist attack; White House loses Lois Lerner’s emails to erase evidence of Obama’s administration specifically targeting conservative groups! When is this madness going to stop? When are Obama’s scandals going to become authentic? When is Obama going to end bludgeoning of America’s knees? Is American media ever going to wake up to the scandals buzzing around Obama’s head or like its leader their heads are going to remain in the sand? And the most importantly, when is Obama going to bring himself to justice just like he has been doing to the bad guys?

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