The Bergdahl Scandal

Allowing five Taliban generals to be released, seems a shock to the American psyche. However, in exchange for hardened Taliban leaders we got one deserter back! Yes, and for him five murderous operatives who have been photographed in connection with the decapitation of hundreds of those opposed to them while conducting terrorist operations is abominable enough, but what about Bergdahl himself? The video of his hostage exchange clearly showed this deserter in good health. According to witness accounts by his fellow brothers in arms, he proclaimed being at odds with US foreign policy before wandering off post in a drunken state seeking the Taliban.

He got his men killed

Six patriotic soldiers died in connection with being assigned to locate him and bring him back. This is why his combat buddies all have a high degree of disrespect for Sergeant Bergdahl, who was not abducted or captured by the Taliban, but rather sought them out. This led to five years of not only being in their midst as a well-treated collaborator, but the decidedly anti-American sergeant also divulged US troop movement intelligence and use of IED’s for the detonation of bombs. This undoubtedly led to the deaths of even more US soldiers in the five years of supposed captivity he remained in.

True Motives

Such an impulsive, ill informed, and political move by President Obama, his staff, and even some Republicans illustrates the failure of US foreign policy, and a calculated effort by the administration to put not only the US military, but American interests in harm’s way. These actions do not just exhibit foolhardy blunders on the part of Obama’s State Department, but intentional efforts to disembowel our foreign policy in the Middle East! Now there are no soldiers and even US citizens, who are safe from being abducted as valuable cards in a poker game of emptying Guantanamo Bay as has been intimated by the President over and over again as he rules with Executive Orders and bypasses Congress whenever possible as well as violating the US Constitution.

Coached before being released

Why was Bergdahl kept for so long apart from a reunion with his radical family? His health looked very good during the film taken of his exchange, even Taliban leaders admitted he was treated very well? Most likely explanation for a man, who actually gave up his English language to speak in the tongue of our enemies was being debriefed and even coached on what to say to the US media once he is released back into a civilian existence! That’s two slaps to the face of the American people, many of whom have had fathers, sons, and women who have died in the Middle East and are now watching a deserter become a hero thanks to the propaganda of the White House and the US mainstream media.

The bloody playbook

Now, Taliban leaders, admittedly happy and emboldened by the folly of our Obama State Department, are rejoicing in the prospect of abducting US personnel in expectation of recovering more of their ruthless operatives for future death and destruction of our men and women. What will it take for Americans to wake up, mesmerized by the lies of our state run US media? Will it take another 9-11 disaster here on our home ground?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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