Lebron James Gets Job Done in Game 2

NBA Finals are on and Game 2 between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs was more than a nail biter. Not only did Lebron chew his nails, the state of Florida did as well besides some die hard Lebron fans scattered around the country. Almost the entire country is rooting for the Spurs except for Florida of course. Nonetheless, Game 2 was spectacular because the Heat literally stole Game 2 from Spurs in their own house. Normally Spurs is a team that remains unruffled, however in Game 2, they exhibited a strange temperament, got nervous and missed 4 free throws at a very crucial crucial time of the game.

Until free throw time, Spurs lead 87-85. Chalmers’ contribution of elbowing, sent Parker and Tim Duncan to the free-throw line; unfortunately, both came away empty handed. While San Antonio did come back to take a brief 93-92 lead, Parker was never the same after withstanding that elbow, a blow that left him on the ground grimacing for quite some time. Jonathan Wagner explains, “It’s been a while since Miami’s “Big Three” era (led by James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh) has lost consecutive games in the playoffs. Two years ago, the Heat dropped two straight games before winning the final three of the Eastern Conference semifinals to oust the Indiana Pacers. One round later, the Boston Celtics beat Miami three consecutive times before the Heat responded with wins in the next to games to win that series.

“Those two victories started a stretch which has now reached 47 straight postseason games for Miami without consecutive losses. Only Boston (54 games, in 1962-66) and the Chicago Bulls (52 games, in 1990-93) have ever had longer such steaks. Going back its 2012 Eastern Finals Game 6 win over Boston, the Heat has won its past 13 games after losing in the playoffs. Six of those 13 have come in a Game 2, and four of the 13 have come against San Antonio over the past two NBA Finals (the Heat beat the Spurs following losses in Games 2, 4 and 6 last year, to capture its second straight league title).”

Game 2 saw some spectacular plays from Lebron and much to the chagrin of critics, made some unselfish plays that resulted in Heat’s victory over Spurs. There has been angst about Lebron’s clamping down, literally and figuratively when he has seemed strangely absent at clutch times. Well, not in Game 2 where Lebron behaved like a freight train and was unstoppable. Steve Llardi of ESPN came up with a few observations critical to understanding of how Heat play: they are superb during their rare moments of postseason crunch-time play, but evidence and critics of Lebron suggest it might be a fluke; contrary to expectations, the Heat have been at their worst defensively in the fourth quarter this postseason, but their late offensive play has been outstanding; Miami’s defense has actually been at its best during the first quarter, but its offensive output in the opening frame has been almost disastrously low. In fact, Heat’s game plan has been billed as theater of the absurd!

Nonetheless, Game 2 victory proves that Heat and more importantly, Lebron, have the ability to get a job done unlike Obama who can’t seem to get anything done, leave alone, get it done right. He’s in his 6th year and still blaming the weather or whatever for his inactions. At least, the Heat could blame the weather or artificial conditions of weather, for their loss in Game 1 when a genuine A/C malfunction led to Lebron’s cramps and him leaving the game unfinished and hence loss of Game 1. Knowing how much the president loves the game, perhaps Lebron could teach him a few strategies of finishing a job, if not while cramped up, at least in the next best moment of game time or even life time!

Lebron gets job done

Lebron gets job done

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