America Betrayed Again With Bergdahl Deal!

It’s lies, lies and more lies from the Obama administration. They cannot seem to do anything right. How could they? They are hard left, believers in the wrong way. Haters, deserters, traitors get to celebrate with the president while soldiers who died defending this land get a generic stamped letter from Obama. White House is indeed a topsy turvy world; its yes department, the State Department is manned by men and women completely ignorant of America’s armed forces and what the country wants; getting Bergdahl back was really a bizarre action.

Bergdahl, the questionable soldier who according to his platoon members is ‘no hero’, White House, State Department and Susan Rice insisted he was! Members and fellow soldiers who abandoned their mission, put their lives on line and consequently wasted precious resources in searching for Bergdahl, are now being called liars and swift boaters by Obama administration. Sitting in the White House can get very blinding to truth. Obama said, Bergdahl’s life was in danger, NOT; Obama said Bergdahl was a hero, Not; Obama believed America was happy about Bergdahl deal, NOT!

In reality, Obama just made a deal with the devil. Any group that swears to destroy people just because they believe in a different religion, is evil; any group that declares war on non-Muslims, is evil; any group that actively enjoys bringing death on innocents, is evil. And so Taliban is the devil not only for the people of Afghanistan but for America and any other country that is fighting terrorism. Whether Obama believes in America’s war on terrorism or not, reality spells otherwise. In effect, just like Bergdahl, Obama too has colluded with the enemy and betrayed the country.

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