When Is It Obama’s Turn To Go?

Goodbye Losers and Liars

Goodbye Losers and Liars

People are falling all around Obama, and yet he continues to plod on. How and why are two important questions. Why does Obama stay while others who are merely players in his game, get the boot? Obama is clearly behind IRS scandal but so far has been stymied to the hilt and even called phony by the president himself! For years, Jay Carney continued to lie for Obama, at times turning red and sometimes blue in the face; only if he had those monitors in front of him like Obama did, could Carney have saved himself and blamed all the suckers who wrote things for the master puppeteer and his blind followers.

Washington Times reports: “Mr. Carney’s departure had been rumored for months. The former Time magazine reporter is the father of two young children and is married to ABC News reporter Claire Shipman. Prior to replacing White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, Mr. Carney served as the spokesman for Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Mr. Earnest, a native of Kansas City, Mo., worked on Michael Bloomberg’s first mayoral campaign in New York City before joining Mr. Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign as Iowa communications director.

While Mr. Carney has encountered increasing friction with journalists over the White House’s restrictions on access to Mr. Obama, the president predicted that reporters will enjoy working with Mr. Earnest! “He is of sound judgment and great temperament,” Mr. Obama said. “He is honest and full of integrity, and I’m sure you will at some point get frustrated with him as well. But it’s going to be hard because he’s a straight shooter and and a great guy.”

Really Mr President? Even the nation thought you were a great guy with the media solidly behind to prop you at all costs! So why do only Carney and Sebelius and Shinseki get to resign? This privilege should be extended to Obama and all in his administration! What difference do a few resignations make in the totality of lies of Obama’s administration? Nothing, zero, nada. This is a matter of systematic corruption, deception and lies. Jay Carney, Obama’s front for lying, left today, Eric Shinseki of VA scandal resigned and before that health secretary Sebelius left. Many liars that remain belong to the Benghazi scandal: Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Obama. Another liar by the name of Holder is still safely enconsed under the umbrella of justice with Obama holding the umbrella of course. Could this be a sign of Obama-ship going down finally?

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