OKC Thunder Equal Series 2-2 with SA Spurs

OKC equal series 2-2 against Spurs

OKC equal series 2-2 against Spurs

Coming from behind, OKC showed its tenacity in recovering from 2-0 to make it 2-2 in the Western Conference finals of NBA. Spurs known as an extremely efficient team could not keep up with the maddening tempo of OKC. Too much efficiency gets rid of spontanetiy which unfortunately makes their games a little boring to watch. Spurs despite their commanding lead in the series of 2-0 somehow could not sustain it with the young Kevin Durant and brash Westbrook who spouted and clicked his gun after delivering perfect 3s and a few dunks as well. OKC’s victory proved that sometimes youth can overcome experience. This doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, it leaves some NBA statisticians a little flustered. To round off the miserable game, Spurs Coach held his face, took out all his starters and sent in the Bench, who surprisingly performed well, knowing the game was lost and they could play freely.

Tuesday’s game 4 had Russell Westbrook flying all over the court on both offensive and defensive ends as well behaving like a sneaky one by stealing quite a few from seasoned player Tony Parker who somehow never saw where Westbrook came from. Others who looked completely disgruntled were Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Danny Green and just about everyone on the Spurs team. Not one single Spurs smiled and Kawhi Leonard was only second to the Coach in the length of a drooping face. Spurs Coach Popovich took the cake with his one word or one sentence grunts as answers. No reporter was able to coax more out of him and thus he disappeared from the press interview as soon as he came in there. Perhaps Coach Popovich learned to hone the art of irritability from Obama himself! Westbrook gave everyone an eyeful of color and flowers by his appearance in a very unusual jacket in after-game-press-meet but then a player who puts up impressive figures of 40-10-5, is normally allowed to wear whatever he wishes; he could have come with pink glasses without shades and nobody would have cared.

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