White House, Benghazi and You Tube Video

Fox News reports: Republican Rep. Darrell Issa claimed that an email he’s reviewed shows the White House decided to reach out to YouTube within hours of the Benghazi terror attack, to warn the website about the consequences of posting an anti-Islam video! The email would suggest the White House was connecting the attack to the video almost from the outset though their initial claim that the attack sprung out of protests over the film would later be proven false.

According to Issa, who discussed excerpts from the otherwise classified emails on Wednesday, the email was sent at 9:11 p.m. ET on Sept. 11 to the Diplomatic Security Command Center. The email said: “White House is reaching out to UTube to advise ramifications of the posting of the Pastor Jon Video.” Issa said this email is “troubling” because it “contradicts” White House claims that the faulty storyline on the video was drawn from the intelligence community’s talking points. More importantly, “The email shows the White House had hurried to settle on a false narrative, one at odds with the conclusions reached by those on the ground; before Americans were even out of harm’s way or the intelligence community had made an impartial examination of available evidence.”

White House and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings are stubbornly insisting that Benghazi is a political ploy on the part of Republicans; Pelosi called Benghazi ‘subterfuge’! White House keeps up a slate of lies about its responsibility, deception and scandalous nature as it tries to find ways of escaping all accountability to the country and public. In the light of the latest email bomb, White House reiterated, “We actually think this proves what we’ve said. We were concerned about the video, given all the protests in region,” the official said. And the intelligence community “was also concerned about the video.”

Issa has an entirely different view. He contends the document contradicts the White House assertion that it was the CIA who first pinned blame for the attack on protests in response to the anti-Islamic video. Since the Benghazi attack, false claims by White House have been systematically discounted by evidence: emails and memos that showed White House knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack; talking memos were shamelessly changed; Obama, Hillary and Rice

Emails Expose WH Benghazi Lies

Emails Expose WH Benghazi Lies

went on their tour of lies, nationally and internationally, fortunately preserving their deception for posterity! Nonetheless, Obama continues to deny any involvement in Benghazi, IRS, NSA and the latest feather in his cap of shame, the Veterans Affairs and almost 40 deaths because of negligence and lies.

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