Global Warming Atmosfearists

In odd but typical shell-game fashion, the Globalistas are trying yet another pull-a-rabbit-out-of-the-hat trick for CYA purposes.

According to CNN, NASA is again shrieking and waving its arms as it heads for the hills. With eschatological urgency, they tell us the inevitable is at hand,

“New research shows a major section of west Antarctica’s ice sheet will completely melt in coming centuries and probably raise sea levels higher than previously predicted, revealing another impact from the world’s changing climate.”


“The glacial retreat there “appears unstoppable,” said Rignot, lead author of a joint NASA-University of California Irvine paper that used 40 years of satellite data and aircraft studies.

Forty years, huh? Interesting, very interesting. Well, given that we are actually, right now, at this very moment, HAVING A RECORD ICE INCREASE IN THE ANTARCTIC, such Sky-is-falling rhetoric seems laughable.

This aint our first time to the rodeo.

Let’s go back and look at some other predictions of the Global Warming Alarmists, just to see what those wascalwy wabbits were up to, then.

Stephen Schneider, The Genesis Strategy in the 70’s,

“I have cited many examples of recent climatic variability and repeated the warnings of several well-known climatologists that a cooling trend has set in–perhaps one akin to the Little Ice Age–and that climatic variability, which is the bane of reliable food production, can be expected to increase along with the cooling.” Stephen Schneider, The Genesis Strategy, New York:Plenum, 1976, p. 90

Of course, Schneider went on to become one of the world’s leading Global Warming alarmists.

Weislaw Maslowski, from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, predicted,

“Our projection of 2013 for the removal of ice in summer is not accounting for the last two minima, in 2005 and 2007,” the professor explained to the BBC.
“So given that fact, you can argue that may be our projection of 2013 is already too conservative.”

And let us not forget the effete and cuddly Al Gore in 2008 enlightening us to the planet’s 2013 fate,

“The entire north polar icecap will be gone in five years.”

Just to connect the dots for the Liberals, it’s 2014.

So, what are we to take from all this? What do we – as real, thinking and rationally-minded people – do with these pathetic Climatomaniac’s? In a sane world, we would merely tell them to shut their mouths and eat their vegetables or they wont get any ice cream.

But we don’t live in a sane world.

Sadly, this galaxial rock we inhabit is filled to the brim with tragic souls willing to sacrifice truth on the alter of Political Correctness. They sell reality for a personalized license plate that reads, ‘enlightened’, in bright and colorful letters, proudly displaying it wherever they go.

Now, I have to admit that I am not an intrinsically compassionate guy. I’m kind of brash, a bit on the rough side, and being an extrovert, somewhat gregarious. I don’t cry when a dog is hit by a truck, although I do feel bad for the unfortunate animal. I’m the guy who can easily employ a small, hand-launched, gas-operated lead projectile to send the tragic canine on to glory, then sit down to a mug and a rare steak.

However, I do express great emotional distress when I’M hit by a truck! And with me, and many of my thinking brothers and sisters, that’s just the situation we’re in. Many – too many – of my fellow Earthlings, in an effort to be looked upon by others as sweet, caring, and big-hearted, are buying into all this Global Warming propaganda and ruining it for the rest of us.

We all live in the same cosmic house, so to speak. So when the atmosfearists want us to throw away the refrigerator because the streets are going to start curling up from the ‘hum’ the cooling system is giving off, it means I don’t get to have my cold soft drinks and avocado dip when I’m watching Oakland blow another playoffs shot.

What’s a poor non-subservient independent thinker to do?

It is only by the grace of God that we Conservatives don’t take these endomorphically-built, pusillanimous pansies out, give’em a good beatin. Then we’d toss’em in the back of the truck and drop them off at the nearest Planned Parenthood for an abortion. I’m being figurative, here.

Well, mostly.

If we could just get them away from their wives for a while, we might be able to pound some sense into them, toughen them up, put a few emotional callouses on those baby-soft intellectual palms of theirs. But then we’d have to fight their women.

Trust me, that’s a challenge you don’t want!

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