Obama, Clinton and Rice: America’s Chefs Trained in Benghazi

The country may not have any jobs to offer its college graduates but it certainly has three jobs assured for its President, ex-Secretary of State and ex UN Ambassador. All three have had their culinary arts honed in the Benghazi school for at least two years. All three have become perfect in the art of cooking lies and even preparing free meals for all Americans! As their thought process goes, feeding Americans loads of crap is the newest dish that all aspiring chefs must master! After all, Americans have become quite used to getting lots of free stuff under Obama administration already. Much of it is laced with lies while others come with add-ons of phones, lunches, cash assistance and food stamps which people can of course exchange for their choice of drugs or alcohol!

All three will soon be out of jobs if they are not already so. Thus in preparation for their lives after politics – Obama, Clinton and Rice have been training very hard as chefs in the Benghazi cookout. Two years is a good preparation time for them to complete their stint and move on to another one where they can legally earn their living as chefs and use any ingredients in their special style of cooking. Surprisingly, the political industry and the industry of cooks, chefs and cooking require the same ingredients – an ingenuity and mixing of components resulting in a completely new taste, however distasteful. Nonetheless, consumers would still have to try the dish before they can make up their minds whether that particular dish would be palatable or just plain awful. Being such hardened socialists, none of the trio bothered to take note of the important elements of choices, freedoms and accountability.

Well, something of an outback cooking bonanza has been happening since Benghazi happened in September 2012. Despite experts aka CIA and others warning about Benghazi having been Al-Qaeda driven and Islamic in nature, all three namely Obama, Clinton and Rice went on a rampage of lies fortunately well documented by America’s poodle, the so-called mainstream media. Little did MSM realize their help would cause a fire that would effectively leave the entire concoction charred. It is now up to the Select Committee to try sifting poisonous ingredients out of the Benghazi mess, that very special dish that was collectively cooked by the trio: Obama, Clinton and Rice. Even though all three may think they have jobs waiting for them in their life-after-politics, they may actually get a shock just like the rest of the country. Benghazi cover-up stinks, the kind of smell that can only come from hiding things and leaving them there to brew in lies, deception and chicanery; this marinade does not work.

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