The True Economic Fate the Obama White House Is Hiding

Have you ever wondered how the accelerated growth of US Federal Government debt could ever be supportable at a rate of $41,000 dollars a second? Have you ever wondered why the “BRIC” nations Brazil, Russia, India, and China are rapidly forming a new central bank to replace the US Federal Reserve? Perhaps you have heard that such financial geniuses as Warren Buffet are dumping US Stocks from their portfolios just as fast as they can? You might ask just what does this all mean?

Fiscal insanity

When the annual spending of the federal government (17 trillion) exceeds the GPD of the entire American private sector (14.2 trillion) then we can easily see that our bungling politicians on Capitol Hill have little interest in the survival of the American public and that an economic collapse is on the way. Why else would these charlatans bother to saddle future young citizens with the debt of today and the excessive taxes it would take to try and recover from this fiscal tail spin?

Government sanctioned failure

The truth is the majority of our members of Congress, the Senate, and the Executive Branch either have no economic savvy what so ever, or they are already well aware of the impending crisis that is looming in the coming months and have no intention of terminating this toxic scenario that would result in chaos, social unrest, and undoubtedly martial law imposed by state and federal authorities. Why do you think FEMA, DHS, IRS, and even the Social Security Administration have invested heavily in hollow point bullets using the tax payer’s dollars? Do they know something we don’t? Do you think they would tell us what they know? Could it be that all that deadly ammunition is really meant for defending our borders? Ha! Or, is it meant for us in the event of massive food riots, power outages, mortgage defaults, and the catastrophic devaluation of the US dollar! Can you recall the food riots that prevailed in Egypt not too long ago?

Day of reckoning

Thanks to the fiscal mismanagement of the Obama administration, their deficit spending under this clueless President, and the impact of the Cloward Piven initiative utilized by this White House, a time of reckoning is in the making. The US media will not allow you to know the hour or that day that this crisis will begin, but in all likelihood when it does commence we will have no warning, and the devastation will strike quickly! The dollar will plunge, the buying power of the US citizen will evaporate, and the cost of living will sky rocket. Wake up Mister and Misses America, I am addressing you! Your life savings, your investments, and your life will implode in a swift sequence of blindsiding events!

Free press? What a joke!

The US media whose 4 thousand major TV journalists and anchormen are members of the CFR who have been vetted for their loyalty to a one world government and the Federal Reserve among other anti-American alliances, will be damned before they inform you of these inevitable events that will lay waste to our nation worse than a war! We can thank the Democrats for enacting decades long policies of social engineering though programs laden with fraud such as food stamps, welfare, and federally subsidized housing that have only compounded their deficit numbers beyond billions into the unfunded liabilities of trillions! All to stand on the shoulders of their useful idiots in order to buy votes in order to stay in power, this is the sad legacy of corruption in Washington DC.

The vicious circle

For the sake of getting re-elected our politicians have enacted the kind of destructive fiscal policies that have allowed the hell bound train of runaway spending to roar down the tracks toward its inevitable collision with fate. That fate will be when the geometrically growing deficit exceeding any capacity of sound fiscal management within the bounds of our government and monetary system to remedy the coming crisis without robbing people of their bank accounts, the value of their currency, or the financial security that our hard working middle class has faithfully amassed under the fools we have allowed to get elected!

An alternative central bank

When the BRIC alliance has finally brought to fruition their international central bank and have replaced the US dollar as reserve currency of the world, events in America will rapidly spiral downward into a cauldron of violence and uncertainty! The planned take down of the US will have finally been completed with eloquent deception and savage ruthlessness. The statists, the collectivists, the socialist shills, who have stupidly ridden the coat tails of their embittered college professors along with the self-loathing US citizens who have been indoctrinated by the left to hate our American heritage will finally figure out that they have been played like a violin. The “Useful Idiots” as former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov calls them, will be the first to get liquidated by federal enforcers as they will be considered by the totalitarian neo-North American regime to be too dangerous as they have realized just how badly they were used and their zealot allegiance to the idiotic cause as their attitudes morph into self-righteous indignation.

The plague of self-indulgence in US

All those sleep walking Americans, and you know who you are, too self-involved to consider the danger signs of the last six years will be caught up in the seeds that ye have sown and reaped thanks to your apathy! The once greatest nation on the face of the earth will finally have buckled under the weight of a treacherous and suffocating big government that presented the illusion to the masses that it in itself was the utopia that could cure all ills and eradicate all social evils when, in reality, as President Ronald Reagan once proclaimed, it was the government that was the problem all along!

Separation of Church and State sure why not?

Those on the left, who supported removing prayer and the decency of a Christian God from the affairs of government, who advocated sexual deviation even to the education of elementary school children, who made the color of one’s skin reason enough for automatic government subsidy and unearned benefits for showing little if any merit at all will feel the wrath that they have bestowed upon others that they ridiculed and censored! We are not simply talking about retribution here we are talking about the sobering reality of backlash once a society that has been toppled by the fools from within who had nothing better to do but romanticize the falsehoods of their clueless leaders, community organizers, and subversives whose only purpose was to amplify their own insanity spurred on by ideological diatribe.

Instant Karma

The conveniently victimized who reveled in their anointment and capitalized on their false status will taste the bitterness of epiphany as they realize they were used by the left in the destruction of the very society that they have lived off of thanks to a federal government that used them for their votes. Little did they realize that their will to succeed had been blunted by the offer of free crumbs of mediocrity by the ruling class that vilified self-reliance and success using class warfare as its weapon of choice! Those generations of Americans who languished in poverty convinced by the left that they were more noble than their hard working countrymen who paid the taxes levied by the liberal politicians who made them into society’s poster children of the quintessential victims of capitalism and free enterprise.


This will be the inevitable outcome of America, my friends, the epitaph, if you will of a once great nation that was once the beacon of freedom and opportunity in the world, but was also hated and envied by many for the challenge that it represented to all who would have the decency and the courage to attempt to succeed. Enemies were created by the propaganda of the left who demonized the affluent for being adept at using their education to build and contribute to society. This is what decades of indifference and poisonous disregard for individual freedom and accountability have done to the American dream!


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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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