Finally, Benghazi Perpetrators Found!

Last week, Press Secretary Jay Carney was adamant that those responsible for the loss of four American lives at the US embassy attack in Benghazi be brought to justice.

According to the White House, it was a youtube video disrespecting Muhammad by one of our own that caused the attack. ‘That was the best information we had at the time,’ Carney said.

Susan Rice, National Security Adviser for the President, also went on the Sunday News shows and claimed the youtube video was the culprit. Long after the attacks took place, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton told the father of one of the victims not to worry, they will find the ones who made this terrible video.

But there’s a problem.

The highest ranking military officer at Benghazi, Retired Brig. Gen. Robert Lovell, has testified before Congress that they had dismissed the idea of the incident being due to a youtube video early in the evening, before the attack took place.

Also, we now know that is was in fact not a video at all that sparked the onslaught, but rather a planned and calculated assault by Muslim Terrorists.

Now let me see, here. We have a General, the one heading up military procedures in the area, the guy in charge of handling the situation saying before the actual attack that it WAS NOT A RESPONSE FROM A YOUTUBE VIDEO, and several days later, the White House says it IS A RESPONSE FROM A YOUTUBE VIDEO.

Hmmm . . .

We also have Congress demanding that all relevant documents be turned over soon after the dust settles and the White House, until just recently, holding back one particular document, an email, that talks about Benghazi.

Hmmm again.

Jay Carney, in the above mentioned press conference, could hardly believe it when Ed Henry, Chief White House correspondent, asked why that Benghazi email wasn’t released earlier with the rest of the documents.

“. . . the thrust of the reason for the email and the prep call was to prepare Susan Rice for those talk show appearances, which, by and large, were about the attack on the Benghazi mission.  And I just wanted to ask you about one portion of it where it says that the point is “to underscore that the protests were rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

Hmmm, hmmm, and, hmmm, yet again.

Carney held up what I assume was the email and said,

“This is a conspiracy theory in search of a conspiracy.”

All out of hmmm’s.

But let us put all the clutter aside, shall we? Let us go ahead and state what we all know to be true. Why the White House withheld the email, why it had Susan Rice claim it was a “video” that caused the attacks, why the Obama administration and his mouthpieces told such a wild tale.

Political protection, naturally.

Now, we expect such things from politicians for political purposes. That’s nothing new. What we don’t expect is that they would sacrifice the lives of our soldiers for it.

I know, Jay Carney knows, the Congress knows, and Barack Obama knows, that the President was simply seeking election-year political cover. Sure, he lied about the attack, and that’s bad, terrible, even. Sure, he sent Susan Rice out to lie for him, as well as Jay Carney, and others. That’s terrible too. And sure, he committed an impeachable offense when he told such a lie to American citizens.

But what is infinitely more egregious, is that two of those American citizens are dead due to the President’s political scheming.


It’s clear that information officer Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens died shortly after the attack. However, two men – true heroes in every sense of the word – refused the order from the White House to, “Stand down” and went in anyway to save their fellow American brothers.

Unable to save the Smith and Stevens, at 2am former Navy SEALS Doherty and Woods had made their way to the nearby CIA safe house, long after the attack had started at 9:30 the previous night. There they waited, hoping, trusting their country to come to their aid, relying on their Commander in Chief to help them as they fought for their lives.

But no help was sent.

These two brave men were holed up in the safe house as they defended their nation’s honor and two hours later, they were dead, murdered by a mob of filthy anti-American mongrels. We had fighter jets stationed in Italy. Those jets could have been in Libya in an hour, but the order was never given.

And our guys died.

“What does it matter why it happened?” Hilary Clinton told Congress when she was before the investigating panel.

Well, madam Secretary, it matters because it was THE ADMINISTRATION THAT YOU WORK FOR THAT DID IT!

Without hesitation, Ronald Reagan would have sent F-18’s to fly low, over the mob of attackers in order to scare off the crowd and hopefully save our two brave warriors. I think the Liberal minded George W. Bush would have done the same thing.

Hell, I even think Bill Clinton might have given the flyover order if the dispatcher was hot.

I don’t know for sure that such a dramatic show of force would have saved Doherty and Woods. But the fact tObamaDADT

hat they were still fighting hours after the attack started gives us a good indication that it would have been well worth a shot.

Hey Jay, if you’re so interested in finding the people responsible for the deaths of those four Americans in the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Iv’e got one particular address you might want to check out. Send a unit to, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

And while you’re at it why don’t you cuff yourself, as well.

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