Palestinians Master Art of Vitro-Fertilization

Peace or no peace, Palestine, the territory of perpetual refugee camps has somehow mastered the art of a very complicated process of vitro-fertilization. With husbands locked away for decades, how are left-behind wives supposed to get pregnant or have babies? Well, a way has been found by some very resourceful Palestinians who get Palestinian women to have children with or without husbands! Mind you, this is not an easy thing to do in repressive Islamic societies especially that of Palestine where passions run high and honor killings for women is common. A mere hint of adultery is enough to get the woman’s head chopped off. In other places like Pakistan, just the idea of having an idea of insulting the prophet could get you the death penalty. So, keeping in mind horrific acts that may result from women sticking a toe nail out of the boundaries of marriage or leaving homes to buy eggs without the accompaniment of male escorts, this seemingly flourishing activity of vitro fertilization, right under the noses of Israelis seems thoroughly remarkable. Israel can stop terrorists from blowing themselves up but not those pesky sperms sliding out from their jails!

A man’s sperm can stay viable for up to 12 hours and so the time from meeting their ‘fathers’ little children have been trained to carry their fathers’ sperms from Israeli prisons to vitro-fertilization clinics. Until now, the world was not aware there were such clinics present in Palestinian society but they are and they are all being run free under the humanitarian banner. All the world got to see regularly were a whole bunch of rockets and rocks landing into Israeli territory. Nonetheless, elsewhere in the world, vitro-fertilization can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000! In Palestinian territories, they do not cost the women anything. All the hospital asks is that the women have two relatives from her family sign the form that the sperm belongs to her husband-in-Israeli-jail. To authenticate this further, two male relatives from the jailed husband’s family joins in this noble endeavor, put their signatures and swear that the sperm belongs to the ‘husband’! How is it possible for these relatives to identify the sperm, is anyone’s guess!

Washington Post reports, “The subject of prisoners is central to Palestinian society. Palestinians view those who are locked up as freedom fighters and heroes resisting Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and blockade of the Gaza Strip. Their families are not only revered but also receive monthly financial support from the Palestinian Authority.” Israel, meanwhile, sees them as terrorists with Israeli blood on their hands. In the mean time, good Palestinian doctors continue to do their work to help out lonely Palestinian women and wives by helping them to continue to have babies as well as saving them from eternal stigma of hell or even death by getting those 4 signatures that testify to the sperms’ authenticity. The Palestinian population currently has a 33% higher growth rate than Israel’s but its fertility rate, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) has declined from a whopping 8 children per woman in the 1960s to about 4 children per woman! Babies are a booming industry in Palestine.

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