The Case Over Benghazi Lies, Lies, and More Lies! Part I

5:42 September 12th 2012, Susan Rice was prompted by an internal White House email on what talking points to use in defending the administration concerning its gross criminal negligence over the Benghazi fiasco. In a tragically comical display of bungling and sheer arrogant disregard, President Obama and his White House aides allowed 4 American federal employees to be murdered by terrorists that were associated by US support and directives of some kind. We are now approaching the second year of denial and ambivalence over a tragedy that may be the biggest diplomatic failure in US foreign policy history. Not only did our Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens get brutally tortured and killed at the hands of Al Qaeda, but a former Navy SEAL body guard and two other federal employees died not to mention many other American staffers who were wounded in the attack.

Politics over lives!

At the cost of American lives, the President and his elitist staff concocted a scheme to minimize the damage so he would have little trouble in getting re-elected in the coming November presidential race. Rather than authorize an all-out rescue using many sources of US military might within striking distance of the Benghazi, Libya consulate, the President, Leon Panetta, and Hillary Clinton chose to order a stand down that resulted in General Carter Ham being forced to resign because he chose to ignore the order and come to the aid of his fellow countrymen. In response to this weak kneed decision allowing political motive to outweigh the lives of Americans caught in this hostile region chaos triumphed!

One tragedy leads to many

A chain reaction occurred as well in this reprehensible and cowardly response. An additional 20 diplomatic facilities within the Middle East and North Africa were attacked and burned. This incident marks perhaps the worst defeat suffered by the US in record time since the outbreak of World War II at the hands of the Japanese in the Pacific theater as one island after another fell into enemy hands following Pearl Harbor. Yet, with shameless self-assurance, the administration has undertaken the most devious and calculated lies in trying to hide their tracks as well as their level of involvement in this convoluted escapade that marks one of the darkest periods in our history as a nation.

Watergate nothing compared to Benghazi!

To think that President Nixon was forced into a resignation in the face of insured impeachment over Watergate, which merely involved an inside burglary attempt at invading the psychiatric records of one Daniel Ellsberg because the press corps hated him so badly. This is nothing compared to what President Obama has been allowed to get away with. Our biased media has literally allowed a controversial and inept US President to get away with murder. This fact alone illustrates the level that the state controlled media now operates under, and is willing to engage in whatever cover-up of the truth it takes in order to support their leaders of choice.

Hillary allowed it

From the very beginning the administration used false narratives to keep the truth of their failures concealed. For weeks Ambassador Stevens, who had been acting as a regional arms dealer, had requested more security and reinforcements after attacks on his facility proved it was vulnerable. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton chose to ignore those desperate appeals for help. Meanwhile, the US State Department had approved deals with Al Qaeda and a number of other terrorist organizations for security contracts on other US diplomatic facilities as well as border check points. The stage had already been set for a horrific awakening that would prove the Obama Administration’s foreign policy was either naïve or intentionally flawed and aimed at weakening American interests in the region.

Justice non-existent

In the wake of this incredible foreign affairs calamity, 2 years later no suspects have been apprehended, no prosecutions have been handed down, the entire case has gone unsolved, and the Department of Justice under Attorney General, Eric Holder only selectively enforces what laws it chooses under the bias of its tunnel vision. Those survivors wounded in the line of duty at Benghazi have been issued a gag order over divulging what they saw as their facility was overrun and burned to the ground. Witnesses in Libya, who could have testified as eye witnesses have been conveniently murdered according to accounts, no retribution has taken place for the 20 other US consulates and embassies destroyed afterwards, while Speaker of the House GOP leader, John Boehner has done little to spearhead a full investigatory effort to charge those guilty for the criminal acts that surround the Benghazi tragedy.

The Press Corps co-conspired

To make matters worse the US media who has blacked out much of the IRS scandal and kept in depth coverage from being broadcast to the general public, quickly adopted the administrations hastily fabricated narratives over the Benghazi attacks as being the actions of a protest gone out of control due to an obscure film made by a small time Egyptian producer, who was swiftly imprisoned. Even though intelligence gathered determined it was a well-coordinated attack just 24 hours after the massacre had taken place, Susan Rice stood in front of the cameras of major US news networks and lied. Clearly, the obstruction of justice was set into motion aided abetted by a state controlled media reminiscent of the Soviet “Cold War” era Pravda and Tass news agencies. Our founding fathers must surely be turning in their graves over this insolence and treachery.

Sad commentary

Almost 2 years in the wake of a calculated violation of the people’s trust turned into a plot that would free the guilty while the innocent were allowed to die, the Obama White House goes on sneering at those who have the courage to question this outrage. As Jay Carney, White House spokesman, jokes when the investigation continues, and President Obama calls it another phony scandal. Americans are dead, the wounded survivors languish in fear, and US foreign policy is in shambles. This is not the America that I grew up in, and I think I speak for the majority of us American citizens who believe in the US Constitution and a government that complies with it. Justice must prevail!



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