Intentionally Taking Down America Part II

In 1957 during a public speaking engagement, Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, made several visionary and shocking statements that ring true to this day. His profound observations shed light on an insidious conspiracy against the Constitutional Republic and its ideals that mark American exceptionalism. His predictions were no less instructive as they were horrifying to say the least.

Robert Welch weighs in

Welch, who had seen the devastation of Europe in two world wars as well as the rise of Marxism in Russia, knew every well what he was talking about. He predicted that the US government would raise taxes to unsupportable levels. These taxes would be used for foreign aid that would only benefit our enemies as well as the vested interests of those with radical ideologies in contrast to the US concept of individual freedoms.

Growing destructive influence

Welch continued, pointing out that the US military would be forced to grow and expand being used to further the concerted efforts of global conflict at the behest of growing government control. This as was identified by Eisenhower as the military industrial complex, would force America to engage in a cold war with the Soviets that would perpetuate international tensions and also negatively impact US society causing social unrest. According to Norman Dodd’s findings, even President Woodrow Wilson was urged by his masters to force America into a global conflict, but not for too long, in order that this would accelerate social change. World War I ushered in the beginnings of socialist movements that were designed to make an impression upon a post war society.

The plot of bankers

War in its aftermath as well as creating all the elements that cause international conflict has also has lasting socioeconomic effects that are not always resolved in a short time. After World War I it was obvious that the constraints put upon Germany by its impotent League of Nations counterparts only served to distil the rage and anger of the people of that defeated nation that only aided a smoldering second World War in retribution for the aftermath of the first. Was this not an example of social engineering on a global scale intended to keep world bankers funded by the sale of weapons and arms to supply both the Axis powers and the Allies in the largest loss of life ever recorded in a war?

The wages of war

America was called upon to fund the economic recovery of Great Britain, Europe, Japan, and even China in the aftermath of World War II largely having to forgive the debts that could not be repaid by those suffering nations. As a result of the Great Depression, Norman Dodd, a young executive banker was informed by his bosses at Morgan Bank that the American monetary system would never function again on sound fundamental fiscal principles. With America faced with the insurmountable debt of funding a world war effort and having to aid the recovery of so many nations victimized by Nazi and Japanese aggression, it seems that World War II only further cemented the assured proposition of a twisted banking philosophy that would no longer rely upon tangible assets to shore up lending and currency value.

Outcome of World War II

America was rewarded for her generosity it seems through the legislation of Bretton Woods which established the US dollar as the world reserve currency. In doing so the US was guaranteed lower interest rates, preferred status in currency exchange, and cheaper petrol prices abroad. Yet, as time went on, America became the world’s largest importer of oil, was forced to sell its debt to such nations as China, japan, and Mexico thanks to the incessant deficit spending of the federal government, and transformed from the largest global manufacturer (46%) to having the largest trade deficit compared to other foreign nations. It is clear that government policy allowed the prestige of American free enterprise and smaller government to be forever morphed into the very the overbearing and rights violating behemoth that our forefathers, who authored the US Constitution had warned future generations of.

Unfortunate summation

America has been under attack from without as well as from within for decades, yet the public has seen largely fit to ignore this reality or to have the facts spun differently by a bought off and biased news media, who merely regurgitate everything dictated to them by the White House press secretary these days. Either the life of the Constitutional republic is at risk, or the death of our freedoms will surely be the next phase of the concerted efforts to take down America from within!

In Part III, we will further explore the unfortunate events that have plagued this nation under the unpatriotic actions of our leadership.

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