Intentionally Taking Down America

A sustained and clandestine effort to destroy the US from within has been undertaken by our own government.

Some speculate that during the passage of the Revenue Act in 1913 that the first concrete efforts at ending the United States as a Constitutional Republic were made. In doing that not only was America forced into having its monetary system controlled by a small number of private individuals under a cabal of European banking families, but the Internal Revenue Service came into existence.

Corrupt educators erode our republic

Did it happen earlier as according to Norman Dodd during his Congressional panel investigation that during an interview with G. Edward Griffin, who revealed that a Communist movement was well underway? It was being orchestrated by some of the richest families in America, who were using our supposedly trustworthy educational trusts to inject socialism and state control over the minds of children in government funded classrooms across the nation prior to 1914. Under the progressive administration of Woodrow Wilson America was being secretly transformed into another Soviet Union unbeknownst to US citizens. Did America’s downfall begin that long ago?

Demonizing success

Many of us, as a matter of fact, can remember being in school in the late sixties and early seventies being taught that capitalism, the backbone of a successful US economy, was evil. That the very most successful private sector economic generator was an example of an immoral concept by our very own educational system should tell you something. It should tell you that a corrosive and false narrative has been echoing within our learning institutions as well as on Capitol Hill, and it is little wonder that our economy is in the present shape that it’s in. Affluence was literally transformed into a dirty word.

Last patriotic Democrats were under JFK

Every successive Democratic administration in the wake of John F. Kennedy’s administration has been completely compromised by Marxist falsehoods that have led to the present Cloward Piven strategy that has virtually overloaded the US system with insurmountable debt. You might recall that Cloward and Piven were two college professors who cooked up a scheme to force the federal government into a crisis over using a government sanctioned fantasy of utopia to end all poverty in America. With an administration that would continue to spend the federal government budget into literal bankruptcy thus forcing an emergency reconsideration of social policies, this idiotic scheme seems to have been adopted by the Obama White House.

Disregarding fiscal sanity

With the federal deficit at 17 trillion and counting while the President sends 50 million in foreign aid to Ukraine not to mention 600 US soldiers into the region, one can only guess at the reckless lack of regard displayed under Obama. As if deliberately trying to take down America, this president has continually campaigned for 50 billion in government stimulus, debt ceiling increases that exceed the Congressional budget while vilifying the GOP for trying to reign in the spending; we can be assured that the federal executive branch has no comprehension of fiscal management. It seems even more sinister than that actually. It seems downright intentional regardless of the damage it would do to our society and the unrest it would unleash!

An official version of reality that doesn’t work

What we have in evaluating our present economic and foreign affairs crises is completely bad judgment on the part of the present White House, who seems poised to doing everything in its power to destabilize the American way of life. In doing this, it seems the true aim of President Obama and Attorney General, Eric Holder is to utilize a lawless type of rule that is causing our government to self-destruct from the inside out, and its working. We have a non-recovering economy that is not actually gaining ground at all or increasing employment numbers, yet the false propaganda of federal government indicators using new interpretations, says that there is improvement in a vacuum of big government rule.

In Part II we will further discuss the insidious actions of our lawmakers on Capitol Hill who refuse to take the necessary precautions that will remedy our current crises which come from a multi-pronged attack of negligent leadership!


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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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