Fox Sean Hannity should have stayed out of Bundy Desert

 Sean Hannity did a wonderful job disavowing the comments of Cliven Bundy, the man he most recently made famous for refusing to pay grazing fees to the government. I truly believe that he is upset with Bundy’s comments, and that he regrets having those comments reflect poorly on the issue that concerns him. That issue is property rights, government overreach, and no small amount of eminent domain. It’s just too damn bad that he brought this all on himself.

Aside from being what Glenn Beck called a ‘welfare rancher’, Cliven Bundy is a nut. You didn’t have to listen to him for five minutes to know that. Hannity didn’t care, because Bundy represented a larger ‘anti government’ cause. Indeed, Sean spent part of his time feeding Bundy scenarios of the Bureau of Land Management planning a late-night raid, and what might Mr. Bundy do about that?  The government had backed-down, having judged that what was already a tinderbox was now being inflamed by a talk-show host. But hey, nothing like stoking up a nutty guy and his militia with rumors of the Feds returning, right?

Conservatives used to talk about the rule of law. I have distinct recollections of this during impeachment. As Jon Stewart amply pointed out, Hannity is all about “the rule of law” when it rules against liberals. When it rules against conservatives, as in this case, not so much. Bundy was breaking the law, and Hannity didn’t care. If anything, he justified Bundy breaking the law. Then, as if being a lawbreaker wasn’t enough, Bundy is also a racist. Fabulous.

Hannity hosts a show on a “news channel”, and occasionally fashions himself as a journalist. He reaches millions of people. He used that reach to promote a person who is breaking the law as a hero to conservatives. In so doing, he creates a situation where every Republican/conservative has to disavow the rantings of some old man about whom no one should rightly give a crap.

This situation had the potential to end badly, long before any cameras showed up. Had Fox covered the story in a responsible manner, and it blew up, the outcome would have been the story. From a craven perspective, that would have done much more for any “cause” that they were promoting. As it stands now, the story is how conservatives are running scared from a 15 Minute Hero. The story is also how right-wingers, led by Hannity, were supporting an obvious nutjob. Great work, Fox News.

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  1. if hannity had stayed away we would not know that the BLM has a domestic army. i do not give a rats behind about Bundy even if hannity likely did prevent a catastrophic attack on a deadbeat. keep your eye on the ball, the us governments domestic agencies need to de-armed.

  2. Your comment symbolizes everything wrong with American politics. People like you have damaged the conservative brand for independents with your childish name-calling. And really? Randomly throwing ‘racist’ around? That’s what the left does. Real conservatives don’t use leftist tactics.

  3. Nicely written, Chickie.

    Sounds like conservative-flavoured syrup no longer suffices so now they’ve moved up to more potent vices. Sean Hannity, ten years ago, would likely have opined, “It’s not his land and he’s refusing to pay for using it. End of story.”

    Sean Hannity has become the boy who cries “fox”.

  4. You are the loud mouthed extreme, crazy! You are not America. You are part of the problem. A subhuman marxist that loves law breakers as long as they are your own subversive cretins. The rest of America is not behind you. You are the despicable anti-American blowhard. Most of the true Americans have a negative perception of you and your moral-phobic rantings. You also are blatantly wrong. Independents will strongly support and vote for all the GOP candidates who will then proceed to run you, and your kind, back underground where you belong! PS: You are a Racist and a Bigot!

  5. You have been had.

    Go to TruthRevolt. You will see what Mr. Bundy really said. The NY Times completely selectively edited what he said for maximal harm. The NY Times is evil. How could one do this hit job and come home at night and face your children? Yes, Mr. Bundy used the phrase “Negro”…so did Harry Reid describing Obama. Mr. Bundy, before the NYT quotes, praised progress that the country made during the civil rights and said we as a nation can never go back.

  6. Bundy is an old man, he is a normal everyday man, he isn’t or doesn’t need to be media savvy. Get a life. This situation is not about Bundy, it is about the entire bloated corrupt Fed Gov that WE THE PEOPLE are not backing down from. This is not going away. It is not going to stop so if you think calling Bundy a racist is somehow going to change anything, please don’t hold your breadth.

  7. What intrigues me is that these supporters of Bundy think or more likely delude themselves in thinking the rest of America is behind them. They should be glad the rest of the media didn’t cover the story to the extent FNC did. Had they followed FNC’s lead, the GOP’s chances of controlling Congress this Nov. likely would have shrunk a significant amount.
    Tea Partiers supporting Bundy only reinforces the rest of America’s negative perceptions of the them and ends up costing the GOP votes because Tea Partiers are trying to displace GOP incumbents. ObamaCare might be bad, but I believe independents would rather stick with ObamaCare than enable a small group of loud-mouthed crazies to paralyze the legislative process and/or ramming policies that moderates would find extreme.

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