Common Sense, A Democrat Definition

So, what exactly is common sense? Here’s the lexical definition:

Good sense and sound judgement in practical matters.

So let’s see if prominent Democrat’s fall within the parameters of this definition.

Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada said of the Cliven Bundy supporters,

“They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists”

Well, sure. Anyone defending their property against un-constitutional government tyranny is, well, what else but a “domestic terrorist?” Lucky for black Americans in the 19th century a whole host of “domestic terrorists” fought Reid’s Democrat Party to free those American citizens held in slavey.

To Senator Reid, it’s common sense for China’s energy company, ENN Energy Group, to build a $5 billion solar facility in the Nevada desert near Laughlin. It’s also just common sense that ENN is represented by a lawyer by the name of Rory Reid.

Uh, yes, that would be Harry Reid’s son.

The Chinese firm also wants to build a 9,000-acre plot in Clark County. Uh, yes, that would be the same Clark County, Nevada where rancher, Cliven Bundy and all those “domestic terrorists,” had a stand off with the BLM.

Eric Holder seems to have a special definition of “common sense” as well. He says that gun owners should have to wear activation bracelets in order to operate their weapons.
Would that fall under the heading of, “infringed”? As in, “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

So, there you are, asleep in your home and a noise wakes you up. You look. There, at the foot of your bed is a stranger, staring at your sleeping wife.
“Hold on a second,” you say to your would-be assailant, “I had it here before I went to bed . . .” You check the nightstand, but it’s not in the drawer. “I know it’s hear somewhere, I left it . . . ah, there it is,” you say, reaching down and retrieving the device form the floor. “Silly me,” you tell the rapist as he stares at your wife lying next to you, “must’ve dropped my activation bracelet before I went to sleep.” Clasping the buckle, you gnaw your lower lip and glance up at him, “Sorry, this thing is so . . . ugh! there we go,” you mutter, finally latching the thing. “Got it. Now, where were we?”

Just common sense.

Our President is another one that invokes the ever-obvious mantra of “common sense.” In a speech to the victims of a Washington D.C. Navy Yard massacre where twelve people were killed, Barack Obama said,

“I do not accept that we cannot find a common sense way to preserve our traditions, including our basic Second Amendment freedoms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners while at the same time reducing the gun violence that unleashed so much mayhem on a regular basis.”

Uh, Mr. Obama, news-flash: The Constitution of the United States protects our “traditions” as you call them, not the American people, not the Congress, not the Government. The Second Amendment does that, and it’s not a “basic” right, nor is it a “tradition”, it’s the supreme law of this country, one that is inviolable by lawmakers and Presidents alike.

So, thank you very much Mr. President, but we do not, in fact, need “a common sense way to preserve our traditions”. We merely need leaders who abide by the laws they sear an oath to follow.

But according to Obama, it’s also “common sense” to let babies who have survived an abortion shiver and die, screaming on a table.

As a senator in Chicago, Obama voted against The Born Alive Act in his state of Illinois. That Act sought to force the medical community to save a baby’s life if the abortion that tried to kill her failed and the little tyke was born anyway. To Obama, the right thing to do is to leave the little inconvenience lying there and, well, eventually, she’ll stop squalling and her little soul will . . . slip away, I guess.

Just common sense.

Call me crazy, but things like those mentioned above fail to meet the standard of, “common sense.”

To me, common sense is making sure The People have plenty of firepower to stop a government from putting its citizenry into concentration camps, like this country did to Japanese Americans in the 1940’s.

To me, it’s common sense to make sure our people are allowed to give money to the candidate of their choice without fear of the IRS targeting them for audits and harassments like Obama’s Administration did to the Tea Party and other right-leaning organizations.

To me, it’s common sense to NOT SELL HUNDREDS OF GUNS TO MEXICAN DRUG TRAFFICKERS like Obama did in the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

But then, I suppose my definition of “common sense” differs greatly from that of the Democrats and the current Administration.
Oh yeah, and the dictionary.

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