Income Tax, Flat Tax and Tyranny Part I

Americans will be taxed an estimated 250 billion dollars this year via IRS assessed income tax According to Texas Senator, John Cornyn.  H & R Block, a tax preparer service, estimates that at least 1 billion dollars in legal deductions and tax credits are overlooked and denied American taxpayers every year. Could it be that this is because the US tax code has no less than 9 million words within its complex and intentionally misleading content?

Adversity created by an agency

Many consider the IRS to be the terrorist arm of the Federal Reserve as they trample on people’s Constitutional rights, use improper liens to freeze the assets of American citizens, and generally harass conservative groups in order to keep the present radical White House in power. Who could argue that knows the facts? The IRS is just one of many federal bureaucracies that have grown way too big for their own good as well as the good of the people and serve only to perpetuate themselves.

Many Senators and Congressman are calling for a flat tax and a dramatic simplification of the tax code as well as abolishing the Internal Revenue Service! Why not, this monstrosity of a Federal fiscal black hole swallows billions of dollars every year, alienates Americans toward their own government, and has been the subject of questionable enforcement practices for decades.

Flat tax advocacy

Many Americans have advocated a flat tax for some time now, but only properly implemented can a flat tax actually benefit an already over assessed and financially stressed populace, who can see no relief in sight. Our society has unwittingly become the most highly taxed nation on the face of the earth. With corporate taxes higher than in any country, US employers are also stymied in their attempts at remaining patriotic and profitable within the bounds of the US tax code jurisdiction. Remember that Karl Marx predicted the end of western culture capitalistic economies due to his ten planks of the Communist Manifesto. Over regulation and taxation without representation were two of those planks that would be predictive of capitalistic downfall. Under the present Obama administration, are we not seeing this failure come to fruition?

Killing an economy

Taxation robs citizens of their ability to stimulate economic growth. As Dan Celia, a conservative financial analyst has pointed out 71% of the US economy is generated by retail consumption, the buying power of the American consumer. When the government over taxes the public, punishes the affluent with class warfare tactics, borne of the socialist agenda, and saps the work force by hiring 1/10th of the population to join the government fraternity of federal employees, the worst can be expected.

 Under the weight of bureaucracy

A society that slowly suffocates under the weight of an ever intrusive and expanding federal government which refuses to acknowledge the will of the people will impose itself upon the very free market economic engine that originated the very system that we depend upon. This will force an inevitable outcome. The private sector will always operate more efficiently than government because it must survive in a competitive environment while the ruling class imposes a legislated monopoly!  Over and over again the collectivists and statists such as Barack Hussein Obama with their academic tunnel vision, seek to rule according to their agenda of totalitarian control.

Ironic yes

So, we have an irony here. The irony is that big government seeks to perpetuate itself but in doing so slowly drains the life blood of the society it rules over. In doing so, like a vampiric victimization, the people who work for a living, comply with tax law, and struggle to survive are the ones who suffer. The rich who reinvest in society by hiring, establishing new plants, and creating more product for consumption are demonized by the propaganda machinery on Capitol Hill. The classic formula for success and prosperity in America is therefore undermined by the ruthlessness of a radical system and punitive form of taxation that retards growth and prosperity. Now charlatans like the Democratic Party intentionally engage in the destruction of the most successful socioeconomic model in the history of the free world.

The Paradox

This is the paradox that confounds our economic system and feeds the hypocritical appetite of the ruling class who cannot leave the ingenuity and free will of the people alone because, in their arrogance, they think they know better. Such is the sad repetition of human history that inexorably repeats its historical atrocities as governments and their lap dog medias intentionally misinform the masses. The great dilemma is destined to create new victims, the depletion of the middle class, and the creation of a rich and poor society marked by elitist hypocrisy. Hence, the Soviet Union, Hence Mao’s great “Cultural Revolution” in China, and hence the very formula that poisons America now! Thank you, my fellow countrymen for sleeping at the wheel!

In Part II we will discuss the “Flat Tax” proposal that could revolutionize the US tax code or make us even more imprisoned if conceived improperly!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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