ObamaCare the Declaration of Dependence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness….and free health care.

It may not have been officially revised, but, for all intensive purposes, the document that gave birth to our great nation has been modified as such. A few days ago, in the Rose Garden, Obama and his left wing supporters celebrated the news that 7.1 million people had signed up for Obamacare. Although this figure does not reflect the actual number of people who have officially completed the process by paying their first months premium, or determine the number of applicants of individuals who were previously without healthcare, it was viewed as means for celebration.

Celebration for what? The successful creation of a welfare state? For many of us, it is hard to comprehend the fact that there are millions of American citizens out there who want nothing more than dependence on the government; a life ruled by the government with government provisions is how they think things should be in this country . The concept of hard-work, self-reliance, and American individualism is vanishing right before our very eyes; the question more and more Americans ask in 2014 is not what can I do for my country, but, what can my country do for me?

“Why are folks working so hard for people to not have health insurance? Why are they so mad about the idea of people having health insurance?” Obama asked reporters yesterday. Well, Mr. President, there are no folks working hard for people not to have health insurance; there are, however, millions of people who are accustomed to working hard, being responsible, and providing themselves with healthcare of their choosing.  The people he is referring to are the very backbone of our nation; they believe in a free market, capitalist society, and do not want to be forked the bill for lazy folks that want everything provided for them.
My government owes me! My government should be taking care of me! I can’t wait to sign up so I can take advantage! Work? Who needs work? Obama will just take it out of his secret stash!
It’s time to get angry, America. Obama and Obamacare are a direct attack on everything that makes this country great. In 1776 we fought for our independence; now, some 238 years later, there are  many so-called Americans who are fighting for dependence. Which side are you on?



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As an American, I am very concerned. In an age where the media is becoming less and less trustworthy, with virtually all networks having a political agenda, Americans must do their own "homework" to establish the facts. I am a 28 year old writer from Baltimore, who, once upon a time, cared very little about politics. In fact, along with a majority of other young Americans, I, too, was naively swept up by the "obama-mania" of 2008. However, being a student in journalism, I started to see that the ethics that were taught to me, principally objectivity, were no longer being adhered to by the American media. Furthermore, being a lover of history and the ideals that helped create this nation, I became appalled as I watched the current administration "work around" the Constitution; obviously, their main job, upholding and enforcing it, no longer mattered. I woke up! Unfortunately, too many people are still asleep! The Obama administration , with virtually all the media networks in its pocket, is destroying our country. We must stand up for our conservative principles, or the America we know and love, with principles of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, will fade into the history books. My degree is in English Literature, and my art is communication. Whether it be written or spoken, I am a man who is confident that he will get his point across. The main point now is that we must, as Sean Hannity puts it, "take our country back."

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