America’s Feminists Missing In Action!

Feminists Missing in Action

Feminists Missing in Action

Two universities have cancelled the film ‘Honor Diaries’, University of Michigan at Dearborn and University of Illinois at Chicago, and all over America, there is deathly silence from Feminists! Why? Honor Diaries is about rampant violence against women in the Muslim culture specifically because killing women is justified to maintain honor! Whose honor and why? Isn’t it the purpose of feminists to stand up for the rights of women especially if they are being trampled and crushed on a regular basis? Isn’t feminism for equal rights and justice for women, all women NOT just women with Left leanings or Liberal thoughts? Apparently absence of reaction from feminists and feminist groups in America have proven irrevocably their self-serving political liberal interests.

CAIR, a very vocal terrorist affiliated group has been in the forefront of leading the above two universities into cowering down in the face of threat and anti-Muslim perception. Universities in America are supposed to be bastions of liberal thought, where students learn tolerance and acceptance. Nonetheless, these two universities have caved in to CAIR’s vicious agenda. New age College Women are supposed to be free, free thinking beings, free acting beings, women who stand up for other women; clearly this is not happening because feminism as taught in colleges has come to be strictly limited to Left thinking and Left agenda, to go after minor transgressions as opposed to major occurrences of discrimination, hate and violence against women. The two universities should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a terrorist and radical Muslim group to be in a leadership role. In reality, CAIR should be in the forefront for the rights of Muslim women; not stifling focus on honor killings.

Qanta Ahmed says, “Calls of Islamophobia win political Islamists attention akin to that generated by claims of anti-Semitism, though the two are far from equivalent in historical, moral, or ethical terms. American universities, especially vulnerable to accusations of discrimination or even marginalization, are easily frightened and persuaded to do the bidding of entrenched political Islamists. Political Islamism is a distinct and predatory beast, quite different in intention and action from mainstream Islam and its followers in all our varied manifestations. Central to political Islamism is the institutionalization of Islamist ideals that pursue Nizam Islami, an official “State” of Islam, a new world order that prescribes supremacy of Islamist beliefs over all others. A reinvented version of Sharia is required for this goal, along with an evolution of classical jihad into terrorist jihadism.”

Feminists, wake up! Honor Diaries is about women specifically Muslim women suffering horrific deaths just so men and entire societies can keep their honor while men from that culture go around raping, killing and beheading women! Honor killings are crimes against women, plain and simple. Pew Research states on their findings of  whether honor killings are ever justified as punishment for pre- or extra-marital sex;  in Honor Killings, a person is killed often by his or her own family for having sex out of wedlock. The victim is typically a woman. Majorities of Muslims surveyed rejected the practice in only 14 out of 23 countries and support for honor killings appears to be highest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan. Nonetheless, Honor Diaries is a film made by Americans for everybody; it’s there to shed light, yet again, on a subject that affects women everywhere, especially Muslim women and other women in oppressive cultures.



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