Obama Should Listen to Facebook’s Zuckerberg

Opinion: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and one of the richest men on the planet took a drastic cut in his pay; he went down to $1 from $503, 205! As Obama likes to lead the young and restless into unknown territories, perhaps he could have followed Zuckerberg into the $1 path. Really, Obama has not done much to deserve any more. Compared to Obama’s policies and business ventures, Facebook has grown exponentially and if youth stuck to their stubborn ways, Facebook can hope to keep growing. On the other hand, Obama’s folly of trying to trick the young did not work. Deadlines for signing up for ObamaCare have come, been extended, extended again, extended yet again and yet there was no sign of youth lining up to sign up for ObamaCare!

It’s the old adage of humans: what’s in it for me? Where ObamaCare is concerned, there was nothing in it for Facebook crowd except high expenses. With no jobs and the no income, youth of America have no interest in signing up for ObamaCare. To make matters worse, ObamaCare website was a dud. It was not like those other websites which sucked you in; this one sent you in circles, made you dizzy. People like the concept of one click and done especially if you didn’t have to pay anything. Even with Liberal or Socialist standards, ObamaCare required hefty payments for things you may never use for an entire lifetime!

So, Zuckerberg takes a massive cut yet remains rich as ever. He will not be in debt any time soon and should be comfortable for a long time, something the country with its $17 Trillion in debt can never do. Bloomberg Billionaires Index reported: Zuckerberg is following the well-worn path of other Silicon Valley technology moguls who also chose to take on the symbolic annual salary of $1 after they were already wealthy. Apple Inc.’s late co-founder Steve Jobs helped popularize the practice, which is today also espoused by Google Inc. co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, among others. All own sizable equity stakes in their own companies.

Zuckerberg, whose wealth totals around $27 billion, owns Facebook shares that give him 61.6 percent of voting power in the Menlo Park, California-based social network, according to the filing. He saw his net worth balloon last year as Facebook’s stock more than doubled in value. The 29-year-old has ramped up his public service and philanthropy. Zuckerberg’s total compensation last year was $653,165, down from $1.99 million in 2012. The amount, besides the $1 salary, was for the passenger fees, fuel, crew and catering costs for his use of private planes for personal reasons, as part of his security program, according to the filing.

Zuckerberg is justified in taking compensation for his private jets and planes but how is Obama justified in adding to the expenses without adding any of his earnings to reduce spending? Obama has done nothing to reduce the nation’s burden and debt? In fact, between him and his wife, they have personally added to the nation’s debt and taxpayers’ burden of supporting mindless vacations, trips, hotels, staff, security, entourages and all the other expenses that come with White House living and travel. Only if Obama had given Zuckerberg the task of designing his ObamaCare. Perhaps as a social media site, people could have visited it in droves, exposed it on their walls, made it popular or unpopular and maybe friended or unfriended ObamaCare depending on their mood. In any case, Advertisers would have paid for the cost of healthcare by its sheer volume of visits!

Facebook and ObamaCare

Facebook and ObamaCare






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