‘Hello Dolly’ comes to Blythewood Community Theater

The Blythewood Community Theater proudly presents “Hello Dolly” from April 2-6 at Westwood High School. Wed. through Saturday 7:30 show time and matinee on Sunday at 3 p.m.


The cast includes Kathy Seppamaki-Milliron as Dolly, Dan Reyes as Horace Vandergelder, Nicholas Sargent as Cornelius, William Ellis as Barnaby, Sarah Bailey as Irene Malloy, Rachel Arling as Minnie Fay, Annie Laurie Rumfelt as Ernestina, Taylor Dively as Ambrose, and Emilly Clelland and Zana Mills

We also have an amazing ensemble of over 35 people with a great musical sound and wonderful choreography by Christy Shealy Mills.

It will be accompanied by Craig Duensing and a live pit orchestra.

So, don’t miss the 50th anniversary of Hello Dolly with a live performance right here in Columbia!
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Choreographer Christy Shealy Mills talks about “Hello Dolly,” opening in Blythewood April 2nd

Columbia is undeniably a theatre town, and it’s no longer limited to the downtown area.  Every few years, theatre enthusiasts in the Midlands see a need and an opportunity, and another group is born. Lexington, Chapin, West Columbia and Forest Acres are all home to thriving performance groups, and now Blythewood joins the mix.  Choreographer Christy Shealy Mills took a moment to talk with Jasper about the upcoming production of Hello Dolly, the debut presentation of the Blythewood Community Theatre.

Jasper:  How did this group get its start?

Mills:  The folks in Blythewood have wanted to get their own theatre group going for years, and finally found someone willing to take a stab at directing, Rachel Tefft.   Out of the forty something cast members, about 1/3 of them have taken part in previous Midlands area productions. The rest are all newcomers. This new local theatre group will draw in people who might not otherwise get involved in such offerings.

Jasper:  You’re actually commuting to choreograph this show, right?  How did you become involved?

Mills:  I live in Prosperity in the corner of Saluda County and have three dance studios, in  Lexington, Batesburg, and the one in my backyard, as well as satellite classes at Town Theatre in Columbia.  I am not sure how I became involved with Blythewood, other than the director , Rachel Tefft , whom I had never met, called me back in November and asked me , and said I was highly recommended.  I don’t know where that came from, but the flattery worked.  She wasn’t even sure which of three shows they were going to do, but I knew something about Hello, Dolly and was familiar with most of the music, and hoped it would be this one. I didn’t know at the time just how much choreography that would be – it’s a good thing I like challenges.

Jasper:  Have you always been a dancer and teacher?

Mills:   I have been dancing since I started classes at the age of three. My first ever performance,  I did the entire routine with my back to the audience. I don’t remember ever NOT wanting to do this as a career. As a matter of fact, I do remember as a high school freshman taking a career aptitude test, and complaining to my parents at dinner that night that there was no career choice of dance instructor mentioned. My dad, looking quite horrified, said “a DANCE TEACHER? Why would you want to be a dance teacher? Dance teachers are kind of…tacky.”  That cemented my career choice, and I have been trying to live up to that opinion ever since.

Jasper:  Which groups have you been involved with locally?

Mills:  I first become involved in community theatre with George Boozer’s fabulous Lexington Arts Association revues starting about 1972 or ’73.  That was REALLY community theatre. This Blythewood group  reminds me of those fun productions – all these rookies not having a clue what they are getting into, and just how much that theatre bug is biting them with each and every passing day. It was the same way in Lexington. Those huge musical revues caused me to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  Plus, I learned about theatre, and increased my dance, music and even history knowledge. Once I had the first of my four children, I stopped doing theatre until 2010, when I was blessed to be a part of Town Theatre’s Annie.

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