The Chains of Liberalism Assaulting America Part II

History tells us where the Obama White House is leading America!!

History tells us where the Obama White House is leading America!!

In its long history of deception and false narratives liberalism has entrenched itself in America like an arrow in the back of a cavalryman. The social impact of injecting immorality into the minds of the young and minorities has achieved a level of social unrest that overshadows any relevant issue. The chaos itself and the false accusations are what are more important than the actual resolution of inequity or social injustice. It is the job of the left to instill conflict and demonize those who see through veil of liberal bias knowing how little for their causes they ever achieve.

Fetus liquidation a liberal cornerstone

When young women are told that they can go to abortion clinics without their parents being informed, when children in elementary school are taught to use condoms, when nationwide testing standards for students are lowered to accommodate minorities who score lower rather than doing a better job of teaching them, one can see the how the methodology works. The humanitarian cause is lost in the politics of allegations and indoctrination. As the American family splinters under the influence of radical leftist propaganda that shreds all decency and values with subversive ideals the impact on society is felt.

Breaking down the American Family

Teaching women that they do not need a man to have children and build a family, is but one rung on the ladder of the ascension into liberal insanity. Encouraging teenagers to engage in sex and use contraceptives while they’re at it, teaching them sexual technique, and normalizing this behavior rather than emphasizing abstinence gives us a glimpse into that world hidden from the parents of school children by educators. The very tactics used by Communists is to go into other countries and begin a long term program of dissolving all sense of morality and traditional values in order to instill their political agenda is clearly unfolding in America.

Promoting a sense of entitlement from the government rather than encouraging self-reliance or financial independence is a perfect example of the mindset that is inherent in the liberal arsenal in its war against the heritage of the American dream. People from other nations have escaped from the corrupt regimes they left behind to seek opportunity in the US only to be seeing tyranny here as part of Obama’s transformation of our society and his much touted redistribution of wealth.

When in doubt use racism

In an America that now boasts a black president and US Attorney General still according to the liberal doctrine the US is a vigorous criminal in the arena of civil rights violations. Yeah sure. The Jesse Jacksons of the world will paint a picture of racial discrimination in this day and age, trying to wipe away their own irrelevance in the eyes of the world while trying to ignite the fires of hatred in order to retain their forgotten status quo. Remember, it is the strife that outweighs the importance of solving the problem.

When you apply this fundamental rule to progressives, liberals, and radicals you will learn to identify the pattern every time. The war on poverty, unemployment benefits, welfare programs, and food stamps actually incentivize under achievement. Indoctrinating people into a mindset of accepting the crumbs given them by big government outweighs the need to teach citizens the tools of independence. If everyone were self-reliant, prosperous, and not looking to government for aid, what need would there be for Democrats, liberals, and progressives? None. They know this. This is why they must stoke the fires of unrest in order to distract the people from realizing the truth.

The big lie

The liberal ideology seeks to create victims where there are none. Seeks to create monsters where there are none, only the responsible and hard working. Liberalism seeks outright control and suppression of all other voices if not by force than through indoctrination or even manipulation of the mass media to warp the message and misrepresent real events. A good example would be how the US liberal biased media practically ignored the Tea Party appearing on Capitol Hill in protest of high taxes and poor leadership on many occasions and historically significant dates such as April 16th and 9/12 to make a point. Yet there were intentionally overlooked.

The illusion

The liberal mentality alleges a kinder and gentler approach to solving social inequity, but the façade is a benign emotional gesture that does nothing to help. This benign gesture is only used as a contrasting argument against conservatives and constitutionalists in generalizing these groups as being unsympathetic to social causes when that could not be more untrue. Yet, let us refer back to rule no.1 when it comes to the big lie of liberal diatribe. Their tactics are to accuse, distract, never get into fair debate as it will expose their faulty reasoning, and rely heavily on racism as a way of keeping your opponents on the defensive as Democrats have done so well with the GOP.

Creating a destructive deficit

The billions spent on liberally biased causes funded by the federal government each and every year as the problem just gets worse demonstrates one resounding truth when it comes to the disingenuousness of the left. While nothing seems to get accomplished, you can be assured that these ineffectual grandiose gestures are targeted at getting votes for the Democrats and their radical appointees from the useful idiots who have bought into the illusion painted by the liberal mentality. With our federal government currently over 17 trillion in debt with much more on the horizon it is easy to see pitfall such liberal causes as nationalized health care have pulled this nation down into with little chance of reversing the damage.

Blinded to a looming crisis

The damage to American society resonates on an economic, social, and cultural level and goes even further. Government funded education now indoctrinates our youth into sharing this flawed vision among the blind masses who cannot see the rapidly approaching abyss that awaits this nation. Even after being warned by everyone from the late Ronald Reagan to Yuri Bezmenov, still the people will not wake up. Under the assault of a liberal biased press corps the matrix of an alternate reality about world events and how they are interpreted for us by the faux journalists of our day will not allow the uninformed to get a true grasp on what really is happening in this complex world we are trying to survive in.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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