Alberta: Danielle Smith – Wildrose is natural alternative to PCs

Wildrose Party Leader and Leader of the Official Opposition Danielle Smith

Wildrose Party Leader and Leader of the Official Opposition Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith, Leader of the Wildrose Party and Official Opposition, gave an emotional speech during her speech at the Leader’s dinner in Calgary last night. The speech, which was available on live stream for Wildrose supporters, outlined why the Wildrose Party was the natural alternative to the governing Progressive Conservative Party.

Smith said that based on the events in the last 24 hours and Alison Redford’s resignation, she had to revise her speech. She was complimentary of Alison Redford and thanked her for her two and a half years of public service. She said there is no doubt that Redford did what she thought was right for the party, but that the party pushed her out as the leader, just like Ed Stelmach before her.

She said 43 years of one party rule put the party out of touch with Albertans and their values. She said she was proud when she saw Ralph Klein’s sign years ago that said that Alberta’s debt was paid in full. Unfortunately, succeeding government squandered the Alberta advantage.

Albertans have accepted the same from their government and the same is what they received. She said the current government is struggling with debt and that the problem with debt is that it has to be paid back.

“Mortgaging future generations to pay for our spending today is an unacceptable risk. Albertans’ values are no longer reflected in their government.”

Putting her party up as the natural alternative to the ruling progressive conservatives, Smith promised that Wildrose commits to be the party for each and every Albertan.

“We commit to you that if you put your trust in us, we will be a government for each and every Albertan. We will always strive to be a government that reflects the very best of our province, and its people,
a government worthy of Alberta and Albertans. The kind of government we can all be proud of again.”

The Wildrose Party embraces conservative values of spending within limits and using tax payers money wisely.

During the 2012 election campaign, Wildrose had many freshman candidates, with little governing experience. Polls before the Sunday vote pegged Wildrose to win with a majority. The polls were wrong and Wildrose only elected 17 Member of the Legislature, while Alison Redford formed a majority government. Along the way, Wildrose MLAs have learned and Smith said that the party was ready for a snap election, which she suspects will happen sooner rather than later. The party is ready for a snap election in 2015 after the PC party selects its new leader.

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