Where is Missing Malaysian Flight 370?

Missing Malaysian Plane 370

Missing Malaysian Plane 370

It’s been 10 days and still no sign of Boeing 370. There are so many speculations, it’s becoming difficult to focus on any. Malaysia has an Islamic problem which it is trying hard to downplay. Nonetheless, while Malaysians bungle investigations, speculation is growing that the disappearance of Flight 370 maybe linked to 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York that killed more than 3000 people. A British professor,  Anthony Glees, has suggested that a homegrown Malaysian terrorist plot may be the reason that Malaysian authorities have been slow in turning over evidence regarding the flight’s disappearance, an issue that has aroused anger among Chinese authorities. Most of the flight’s passengers were Chinese citizens. Now, Flight 370, being a suicide mission is being added to other speculations of technical failure, sabotage and hijacking.

In fact, judging from the general direction that Flight 370 took, the possible region of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China have had some problem or other with Islamic radicalism. Any of the countries there would be happy to give shelter to the so-called hijacked plane. China recently suffered its terrorist attacks from Muslim Ugiyurs who are seeking separation from the Chinese state. The attack was bloody  and brutal and killed at least 29 people. Knife-wielding attackers, dressed in black clothes went on a slaughtering spree. According to the Telegraph, two Malaysian men were arrested for links to al-Qaida and charged with joining the Tanzim al-Qaida Malaysia group. Also, two other men from Malaysia were held in Lebanon as they allegedly tried to cross into Syria to join Islamist extremists fighting the Assad regime.

Jerusalem Post is reporting that Saajid Badat, a British citizen of Muslim descent with ties to terrorist elements in Afghanistan, sold a bomb especially made to be concealed in a shoe to Malaysian jihadists. The source’s testimony revealed that he had allegedly sold the ‘shoe-bomb’ for the purpose of opening a plane’s cockpit door and taking control of an aircraft. He told the court that he had met the Malaysian jihadists in Afghanistan, one of whom was a pilot.According to the Telegraph, Badat had given similar evidence in 2012 during his trial and sentencing for plotting to blow up a transatlantic jet with “shoe-bomber” Richard Reid. That evidence is now coming to light as relevant to the current situation in Malaysia.

Boeing 370 is a 6500 lbs machine! It is utterly confounding that with all our technological advances and 25 countries involved in the effort, the missing flight 370 still stays invisible. No debris has been found so far and that gives families of 230 passengers hope against hope. Nonetheless, families stay in limbo about details of the disappearance of the plane and what exactly happened to it. Political wrangling has added to the mystery and delay in investigations. Malaysia wasted plenty of precious time and did not invite international aviation and terrorism experts on time. Wrong spottings by the Chinese, Malaysian misreadings of motives, withholding of important information have all lead investigations in the wrong direction, all detrimental for families who wait for their loved ones to return.      

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