The Chains of Liberalism Assaulting America

It may have begun at the turn of the twentieth century just before World War I as progressive President Woodrow Wilson allowed his masters to influence him in domestic and foreign policies. It may have begun earlier as the findings of the Dodd Panel revealed that a number of educational trusts such as the Carnegie Endowment and Ford Foundation were implementing plans to inject socialism into the US classroom using the John Dewey paradigm to allow the state to mold the minds of our young children. However, one thing is for sure, collectivism has always been a cunning force in dictating the negative outcomes of many nations of the world before the general population could ever grasp just what had overtaken their society.

The long legacy of liberal deception and their intolerance of others.

The long legacy of liberal deception and their intolerance of others.

The Subterfuge

Today we find the United States of America at that very threshold. Struggling with the underpinnings of its great Constitutional callings over the deceptively presented farce of centrism, socialism, and class warfare which our President Obama and his administration have unleashed upon our society like a plague! A look at the changing demographics of the American landscape reveals a transformation of values and cultures who have not been privy to the concept and importance of individual freedoms and free enterprise. The malignancy of oppression and big government control over the masses has metastasized into American society by liberal advocates who stop at nothing to force their agenda upon the apathetic and unsuspecting.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

The pages of history are a blood soaked testament to the aftermath of liberal influence upon the societies of the world. Using the counter intelligence style tactics of presenting themselves as more compassionate than conservatives, they demonize opposing ideologies and refuse to co-exist with them as the radical brush stroke  of propaganda paints internal conflict within a society and begins to tear it down with allegations of racism and intolerance. Quite aptly the only true racism and intolerance being manifested is in actuality those hypocritical zealots such as the Democratic Party and community organizers like Barack Obama, who are injecting the negativity the promotes their twisted cause.

When the enemy weighs in

Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB disinformation specialist, who defected to Canada in the 1980’s pointed out just how the infiltration of leftist rhetoric, the appointment of radical judges and non-elected officials in influential positions could topple a Constitutional Republic like the US if there was no conservative response to the deception allowed to flourish if unchecked. Many of those who have vacated or even fled their troubled countries afflicted by the sword of socialism in China and Central America are warning us about the troubling signs they see here now in America as big government imposes its will upon US society and begins to suffocate free enterprise and individual liberties with over regulation, taxation without representation, and assault on religion. Freedom will soon become an obstacle ultimately to the federal government as it flaunts our Constitutional guarantee of protection against the tyranny of that very government that has forgotten that it is the servant of the people, not their master!

Taken over without a shot being fired

Yet, how does American society defend itself against such an insidious threat to the basic values we as human beings hold so dear if the masses are apathetic, uncaring, and oblivious to the lessons of history and the threat to their freedoms? This is the very crux of the problem that threatens to destroy our way of life here in America, socially, ideologically, and economically. What has happened in the world at large as well as within the borders of our great land has been the warped and twisted agenda of collectivism-the concept that big government should be the all-knowing, all-seeing, omnipotent driving force that thinks for us and imposes its will upon us, because we are incapable of knowing what it best for us, but even worse because it does not respect human rights! The Stalins, the Hitlers, and the Mao Zedongs, of the world have practiced this concept with a ruthless mastery borne of lies, false narratives, and propaganda that seduces the unwary and gullible. History is rife with such tragic examples of the perpetual battle of the statists pitted against those who believe that all of us have a God given right to pursue freedom and happiness as we see fit.

Without representation

Here in America we have unwittingly allowed ourselves to be duped into becoming the most highly taxed society in the world. With corporate taxes the highest in international circles, the US federal government discourages domestic employment and economic stimulus by forcing these companies to seek offshore jurisdictions who are tax friendlier. As a result trillions of dollars that could be rolled into the US economy are instead contributed to foreign economies. When Intel Corporation can build a new plant for a billion less in another country because the federal government uses the EPA to impose its will using over regulation, once again a deterrent to employment and re-investment into our economy is felt by an oppressed American society that more and more is forced to accept the crumbs of mediocrity handed to it by a tyrannical federal government.

Rule by force

Forcing America to knuckle under to Obamacare when every indicator shows that it will not work and is not economically feasible, is just one example of how our nation is now ruled, not governed, while being force fed policies the majority of hard working citizens do not support! A Constitutional Republic does not impose their will upon a disapproving majority. It represents the will of the people, the will of American citizens, who have earned the right for their voice to be heard. As opposed to illegal aliens, and wards of the state whose sense of entitlement exceeds their lawful contribution to American society. Our President and the White House would rather use political coercion to force our nation into accepting something it was never intended to. This is what America has morphed into!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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