Russia State TV: Putin could reduce USA to Radioactive ash

Russia 1 threatened to turn the U.S. into radioactive ash”

(A rough translation from Russian to English)

Tonight, while summing up the results of the referendum on the accession of Crimea to Russia , in the final program ” News Week ” presenter Dmitry Kiselev threatened U.S. nuclear explosion in case of aggravation of the conflict with Russia over the Crimea .

Russia TV radioactive ash“Earlier, the Americans said , frozen preparation meeting the” Big Eight “in Sochi in June. Like, boycott Russia , nothing to talk about . But if so , then why all the time Obama tinkling Putin? “- Rhetorically wondered Kiselev, when behind him a photograph of Obama with the caption” A gray head . ” Kiselev answered his own question when it was involved in a background picture to a nuclear explosion and the caption ” In the nuclear ashes ! “.

“Russia – the only country in the world, capable of transforming the U.S. into radioactive ash ! I do not know whether the match , but Obama called Putin on January 21 , but the next day , literally January 22, as the official organ of the Russian government appears article [ in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” ], where quite lucidly chewed how our system works guaranteed nuclear retaliation “Perimeter” . In the U.S., call her dead hand – « dead hand .” Even if all the people in our command posts after enemy nuclear attack silenced , invulnerable system will automatically send to our strategic missile flight from mines and submarines in the right direction “, – announced Kiselev , recommending interesting to read in ” Rossiyskaya Gazeta ” , calling it ” extremely interesting . ”

According to Kiselyov , with the appearance of the article ” Obama began to call Putin often .” “A graying – more ! Randomness ! ? “- Asked Kiselev himself with characteristic gestures . Then , however, Kiselyov said that the war with the United States is already underway, but ” so far only information .”


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