Thailand in Crisis

After two months of protests in Bangkok, Thailand’s PM Yingluck Shinawatra is considering lifting the emergency decree over the nation’s largest city. The global focus on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight has also given the Prime Minister a much needed distraction from continuous press coverage of Shinawatra’s governance. 1World Online Infograghic on Thailand-  92% support or participate in anti-government protests 60% anticipate a better life under a new government

During 1World’s coverage of the global unrest in Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela, 92 percent of 1World Members around the globe either support or participate in anti-government protests, and 60% anticipate a better life under a new regime.

Although the Thai protesters have temporarily scattered, they may be regrouping for another round of protests, depending on the outcome of Yingluck Shinawatra’s corruption inquiry for her involvement in her failed rice-subsidy program.

So far 1World voters have been split on whether or not to remove Yingluck from office, but if events in Ukraine are any indication of what is possible, Yingluck may end up moving in with her brother Thaksin who has been living in self-imposed exile due to his own corruption charges.

The situation in Thailand has several possible outcomes. It is unlikely for Yingluck to expect a long term in office, as the corruption charges won’t be forgotten anytime soon. It’s also unlikely that protesters will receive their demands, as continued protests could encourage a military coup, which would be the 19th attempted coup in Thailand in less than a century.

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