Oily Mess in Libya

Libyan Tanker Fires Warning Shots

Libyan Tanker Fires Warning Shots

Libya’s government, if it can be called that, after Gaddafi’ departure, has tried to end a wave of protests at oil fields and ports, which have slashed vital oil revenues for Libya’s state-owned National Oil Corp (NOC).  Rebels or Militias, loaded with weapons, seem to be in control of three Libyan ports, allowing them free access to wheeling and dealing in Libyan oil. Every time, Libyan government fires warning shots, Rebels and Militias fire their own shots in protests! Along with their protests, Rebels and Militias also sacrifice camels to celebrate their good fortune of an approaching oil wealth!

It is not the first attempt to ship oil from rebel-controlled ports. As much as the West would like to believe that Libya is a free country on its way to democratic reforms, the reality is far from being true. It is complete chaos and whoever has heavy weapons, rules the ports. Nonetheless, Libya’s so called government continues to threaten to send its army when there is none and its Prime Minister threatens to bomb any tankers that try to export oil from there. So, while the world watches tentatively North Korea’s slaughtering of its perceived disobedient elite by the ruthless Dictator Kim Jong Un, Libya has actually threatened to bomb North Korean tanker hovering on Libyan ports under illegal control of the Militias! Ali Zeidan said that orders had been issued to arrest the tanker’s crew!

At least somebody finally has the gall to issue bombing orders on North Korea even though it might only be an oil tanker. North Korea has as much a despicable record of human rights violations as Libya itself but who is going to take these rogues to task? All this illegal ownership of Libya’s ports by Rebels and Militias has emboldened North Korea to send its tankers to seek oil. If it had captured some Muslim travelers to North Korea, Kim Jong Un would have personally intervened to exchange Muslim heads for oil, but as this is not the case, they will settle for causing more confusion between the Libyan government and Rebels and Militias! Meanwhile, Libya’s oil output has slowed to a trickle since the protests started in July last year, depriving the OPEC producer of its main budget source, and the people of Libya who overthrew Gaddafi are now without any leader of any sort, any wealth or any resources.

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