Tensions ratchet up in Ukraine

After Crimea’s parliament voted Thursday to break away from Ukraine and join Russia, setting up a public referendum in 10 days, the region plunged even further into crisis and the possibility of a prolonged instability.

Over the past week, as events in Ukraine have intensified, the 1World community hotly debated who was responsible for the growing tensions in East Ukraine, Odessa and Crimea.


In heavy voting since Feb. 24, 68 percent of 1World voters have said Crimea should remain a part of Ukraine, while a quarter say the region should break away with the change of government. Five percent said they didn’t know, and 2 percent said they didn’t care.

Here’s a look at how voters in Russia and Eastern Europe voted on the issue.

Among 1World voters, 61 percent thought that Russia was provoking the tension, 27 percent thought the new government and their rush to create new legislations was at fault, 8 percent thought people in these regions are overreacting, and 4 percent said they didn’t know who to blame.

In the past three weeks, 41 percent said they expected the unrest in Ukraine to escalate into civil war, while 59 percent said they thought it would be avoided.

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