Ukraine Crisis: Leaked call says Yanukovych not responsible for deaths

Putin states his case to a compliant Moscow press

Putin states his case to a compliant Moscow press

As the crisis in the Ukraine developed over the past week, there have been allegations by Ukraine’s transitional government that elected President Viktor Yanukovych had deployed snipers and was responsible for deaths prior to him being deposed. A leaked call between European Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton and stonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet appears to indicate that Viktor Yanukovych is not responsible for the deaths during the protests in the Ukraine last week.

The call, which was recorded, Paet told Ashton that there is an increasing understanding in the Ukraine that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych’s government was not responsible for the deaths of police and protesters during clashes last month in Kiev, BBC reports.

In the phone call Paet asserted that Ukrainians believed that elements from within the regime had deployed the snipers. That would back up Vladimir Putin’s claim that this was an illegal coup.

A Ukrainian doctor Olga Bogomolets had told him that victims on both sides were shot by the same sniper rifle. Bogomolets told the Telegraph, a UK newspaper that she had never had access to victims.

It is hard to cut through the chase, as propaganda campaigns on both sides of the crisis are in full swing and are flooding media outlets with misinformation.

On Thursday the Crimean legislature has set a date for a referendum to determine the peninsula’s own future for March 16th. The vote was passed with 78 eight in favour with eight abstentions.

Yesterday was a day of intense diplomatic activity, which made a lot of threats, but really nothing concrete came out of it. Today the EU is meeting to discuss further, if any sanctions against Putin and Russia. Anything proposed to date seems lame. The bottom line is that Europe is beholden to Russian natural gas.

Unarmed military observers are expected to arrive in the Crimean Peninsula under the auspices of the OSCE. Canada is providing two of these observers. How much access they will be permitted remains to be seen.

While the rhetoric is still flying, it is just that. Putin seems to have won round one.

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