Lois Lerner Pleads Fifth Again and Again: Keeps White House Safe

Lois Lerner Pleads the 5th

Lois Lerner Pleads the 5th

How many times does a guilty individual need to plead the Fifth? Apparently, many many times because that is what Lois Lerner has been doing, making White House, Obama and his administration sigh loud with relief! Is it possible that Lois Lerner, former Director of IRS Exempt Organizations Division, has been paid handsomely to keep her mouth shut? The trouble is, who promised what to Lois Lerner and why? Taxpayers got fooled again and had to foot Lois Lerner’s hefty retirement packet despite her cracking her whip at hundreds of conservative organizations, delaying tax exempt applications for years, leashing the dogs of unfair audits on these organizations and generally trying to disrupt the voice of freedom. As far as permission is concerned, taxpayers did not relish giving Lois Lerner her retirement benefits but then nobody asked taxpayers what they wanted!

Why would ordinary mean and women of America, including conservatives, pay Lois Lerner to be in an agency to spy, snoop, and spit on them at the behest of a president who may not have won without all these extra behind-the-scenes maneuverings? Perhaps, it is the sly finger pointing to Obama, that Lois Lerner is trying to avoid!

Lois Lerner prepped beautifully to face Congress and yet did not utter a single word of condemnation for Obama; that spoke volumes about people surrounding the president. Loyalty, disregard for accountability, deceiving, going scot free, have all become the hallmarks of the current Obama administration after the president had declared his administration would be the most transparent one in the history of America! Poor Lois Lerner for getting dragged to testify in the Senate and having to say the same sentence again and again, I plead the Fifth! Lerner would have got paid whether she opened her mouth or kept it shut. Why, because she is a federal employee and can never be kicked out; only get gently nudged out with full retirement benefits! Such is the beauty of government and working for the government.

Americans have clearly forgotten what a democracy is all about. And because they have forgotten what their government should look like, their elected officials have given themselves permission to go rogue as well. White House may have heaved a sigh of relief about its phony scandals but what is emboldening is that these phony scandals do not seem to be losing steam at all. All scandals come down to one point: would Lois Lerner really choose Obama’s hide over her own when push comes to shove in the IRS scandal? Who would favor their own fate in jail over saving face for Obama in the Benghazi scandal? Will the hearings morph into something more concrete as finding somebody guilty or perhaps even take some responsibility? Why would the President of a country reeling under so many scandals, deny all of them, so blatantly! Mr President, there is more than a smidgeon of corruption in the continuing scandals!

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  1. As always, well written Joyce! She is just another in a long line of fall guys taking one for Team Subversive! And you are right, she must have been paid some serious hush money, cause if the truth does end up surfacing, there will be an endless amount of grief for her to deal with, not too mention that Obama will have discarded her as soon as she loses her usefulness! Typical liberal progressive mentality!

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