Obama’s Absentee Foreign Affairs Leadership

As Russian troops roll into Ukraine, President Obama’s feckless and absentee leadership on the global stage is an American embarrassment and as President, his actions increasingly endanger the safety and security of all Americans.

Obama reading Foreign Policy for Dummies ( Media Credit: Cartoonist Gary Varvel)

Obama reading Foreign Policy for Dummies ( Media Credit: Cartoonist Gary Varvel)

Obama is changing the course of American history as he abandons our international friends, yields and compromises with our adversaries, abrogates our foreign responsibilities, slashes our military, unilaterally retreats while engaged in war, and surrenders to Russia the premier dominance of global influence.

Like Neville Chamberlin, the pre-WWII English Prime Minister, Obama’s appeasement efforts typifies Chamberlin’s as world tensions escalate and simmer.   Obama’s misguided foreign affairs forays amplify the decline of world security as seen since pre-WWII.   In Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama squandered victory only to consistently retreat to advance his own political agenda.  The safety and security of the American public is of little concern to this community organizer.  The veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who served many combat tours, those that sacrificed the lost of limbs, the promise of liberty shattered and the vast American resources wasted for a President who sent soldiers into battle for a cause he did not believe in nor plan to win.  Contrary to Obama’s exclamations, Al Qaeda is not defeated. With Obama’s retreat, Al Qaeda regrouped and captured Iraqi territory that brave American warriors bled and others died to win.  Veterans feel betrayed and their sacrifices needlessly squandered to service Obama’s radical socialist aims.

In Egypt, Obama picked sides with a terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, against Egyptians rebelling for democracy. America has lost our ally, Egypt, and Russia now fills the vacuumed opened by Obama’s sympathy towards Islamic extremism.  In Libya, Obama and Hillary rushed to conspire in a lie to the American people after four Americans were murdered in a terrorist attack in Benghazi.  Before the flag draped coffins and in front of their grieving families, they continued their conspiracy of lies for pure political advantage in a Presidential election.  In Syria, Obama declared a “Red Line” that could not be crossed and when it was, Obama caved to Russian demands in order to slime away from his “Red Line” empty rhetoric ultimatum.   In Iran, Obama negotiated a fig leave nuclear accord that instead of preventing Iran from successfully acquiring a nuclear arms program, it actually ensures the outcome of Iran joining the family of countries possessing nuclear weapons.

As the crisis in Ukraine builds, President Obama’s has displayed weakness by his timid, muted, and inappropriate response to Russia’s open aggression.  No wonder Russian President Putin feels unconstrained to demonstrate his contempt for Obama.  Unafraid of America reaction, Putin rebuffed Obama’s pale and ineffective warning.  The tyrants of the world have noticed Obama’s indifference or lack of seriousness as Obama rushed off to attend a Democrat fundraiser after delivering his initial warning shot.  Obama’s feckless leadership illustrates to other global tyrants that they need not fear retribution for their actions from an American superpower led by an amateur.

Americans are mystified at the rapid decline of US global influence and prestige under Obama’s watch.  His abhorrent foreign affairs debacles have reset the balance of power.  The United States is in full retreat and Russia savors its new global position as the benefactor of Obama’s failed “reset” and “apology” strategy.  Our allies do not trust Obama or America’s willingness to honor its treaty obligations. The world increasingly recognizes that Putin and not the US will decide who wins and who loses in regions around the globe.

As Islamic insurgencies spread throughout the Mideast and Africa, as Russia invades Ukraine, and as Obama reduces the US military to a force the size of Turkey, Americans must awake from their isolationist slumber and realize the critical importance of a powerful US military to protect and defend our international interest.  America should be concern that Russia is currently negotiating with Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba for Russian bases in our hemisphere where socialist ravings of anti-American sentiments are increasing daily.  China is currently seeking control over the contentious South China Sea and has instructed its Navy to accelerate its ship building and prepare for war.  As Al Qaeda continues to rage war with the United States, Obama has the audacity to propose gutting American military to pre-WWII status.   America’s safety and national security posture is imploding, yet Obama is clueless and one has to wonder if Obama really cares.

Additionally, Obama’s unilateral disarmament efforts on the backs of American servicemen are irresponsible and anti-American.  While Obama guts the military he simultaneously transfers any fiscal savings on expenditures for seven more progressive social programs.  Unwilling or unable to tackle social spending, Obama plays to his radical left as he demands that our American military retirees and our Active-Duty servicemen bear the brunt of his spurious spending reductions.   Obama proposes a fig leaf of a 1% pay increase on active duty military, but demands higher TRICARE medical cost, reductions in housing allowances, and the closure of military commissaries that far exceed in personal pay decreases than his 1% pay increase.

Obama is unquestionably one of the weakest American Presidents in American history.  Whether by design or incompetence, Obama uniquely jeopardizes America’s long-term economic, spiritual, and national security survivability.  Obama dishonors the esteem office he holds by his failure to obey the oath he swore to protect and defend.  Obama is in the process of taking America on a path to where no other President has taken America before – to the ash heaps of history.

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Colonel Steven B. Vitali USMC (Ret) - Military Affairs Writer - Colonel Vitali is a retired Marine Corps Colonel. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Master's Degree in Public Administration. Colonel Vitali joined the United States Marine Corps on 3 March 1973 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in December 1976. He retired from the Marine Corps in July 2008. During Colonel Vitali's military career, he served in Afghanistan as the Senior Advisor to the 201st Afghan National Army Corps and served in Iraq as the Assistant Chief of Staff, Base Support Operations, II Marine Expeditionary Force Fwd.

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