‘Son of God’ Slated for Box Office Blowout

The movie ‘Son of God is projected to top Box Office when it premiers tomorrow. Newsmax reports that Biblical Drama Son of God if it lives up to the buzz, the experience will be a celestial one for both moviegoers and its producers. Breitbart reports that industry estimates for opening weekend have catapulted from original projections of $13 million to a whopping $22.5 million. Produced by husband and wife team Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, Son of God is the story of Jesus of Nazareth from birth to crucifixion to resurrection and includes footage from the wildly popular 2013 Emmy-nominated TV series The Bible, also a Burnett-Downey production.

Son of God

Son of God

Variety reports: Relativity International has announced it’s sold the movie to more than 60 territories. Sun Distributor Group in Latin America has acquired rights for a pan-Latin American release on Easter Weekend. Other markets include Hong Kong for Golden Scene; Japan for Broadmedia Studios; 16 Middle East markets for Gulf Film; Philippines for Pioneer Films; Portugal for Big Picture Films; South Korea for Sookie Pictures; and Taiwan for Catchplay. Within the USA, Son of God is slated to open in 3,000 U.S. theaters on Friday.

Religious leaders around the country are renting screens to hold special shows for the film, including MegaChurch Pastor Rick Warren, who is encouraging Pastors to use the film as a launching pad to form groups and hold discussions and “reach more people for Jesus.” Warren, senior pastor of Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif., said he has created a six-week series using scenes from Son of God, centered on themes such as baptism, temptation and suffering. “Our entire church is going to study this series after the movie,” he said. “For the six weeks leading to Easter, this is just the hand of God, that this movie comes out 10 years exactly after ‘The Passion’ and six weeks before Easter. This is the perfect Lent series.”

The success of ‘The Bible’ must have finally convinced Hollywood to lend its name and money to yet another religious or spiritual experience for American moviegoers. As much as Hollywood and American Mainstream Media likes to project its secularism and liberalism, somehow every now and then they go into a shock of disbelief when TV Dramas like The Bible and Duck Dynasty appeal en masse to American audiences. What is it about religion and Jesus and Christianity that Liberals do not get? At every opportunity, these three suffer some disparagement or other in the media. In fact, disdain for religion has become the new hype for MSM and Liberals. While Christianity has become the newest point of attack, other religions like Islam get total pass despite its record of shoddy preaching by some of its followers! Liberals who dare not utter anything disparaging about any religion but Christianity, go to great lengths to avoid being labeled with the dreaded ‘bigot’. In the typical loser fashion, they end up calling all dissenting voices bigots and racists!

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