Rebuilding a Broken Ukraine – Відновлення непрацюючій Україна

The Ukrainian protesters proved victorious over Yanukovych’s regime, and even the Ukrainian Parliament has turned against the disgraced former President. Yanukovych has fled Kiev and is trying to escape the country before being detained for the mass killing charges issued by the remnants of Ukraine’s government.

Over 100 statues of Lenin have been toppled and destroyed through the Ukraine

Over 100 statues of Lenin have been toppled and destroyed through the Ukraine

Despite clear gains towards a stable Ukraine, the country’s troubles are still far from over. Ukraine’s future involvement with Russia and the European Union is still a major issue, exacerbated by the Ukraine’s distinct East-West divide. There have even been calls for the Crimean portion of Ukraine to separate from the pro-Western side, in an attempt to create a two-state solution.

Without taking the territorial disputes into account, Ukraine will still need to elect new leadership for the country. Ukraine heavyweight Vitali Klitschko has formally announced his candidacy for office, and and Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is also expected to run. Both candidates have significant popular support.

However, Ukraine’s three parties have little in common, and the Ukrainian Parliament needs to be rebuilt due to a number of officials who fled during Yanukovych’s downfall. Without a semblance of a government, the Ukraine won’t be able to receive the aid it desperately needs.

Ukraine’s acting finance manager estimates necessary aid to be $35 billion. Part of the reason the necessary aid is such a high number is Russia’s withdrawal of the $15 billion promised during Yanukovych’s presidency. Russia’s withdrawal of funds seems to be especially poor sportsmanship, and shows a somewhat disingenuous interest in the region’s politics.

As the Ukraine stumbles forward into its next political era, it will be necessary for Ukraine to become a strong and independent country. Ukraine can’t afford to be the object of international tug-of-war any longer and the Ukrainian people now know the true strength of their collective resolve. We can all take heart that Ukraine’s glory has not yet perished.

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  1. Chris this crisis is far from over. With Putin’s decision to have an exercise near the Ukrainian border and the long history of the Crimean, there are a lot of forces at play here and Vladimir Putin is the man with the strategic vision and the will to reinforce it if necessary.

    The West led by President Obama has not given an adequate response. Putin must be looking in the mirror and laughing when he sees yesterday’s announcement to reduce the US Army and the administration’s announcement that Obama has ordered the Pentagon to prepare for a withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan. Whether we like it or not, these three news stories all belong together. The US is effectively removing any capability in that region.

    While Putin will do his best not to get his forces directly involved in the Ukraine and will work toward a reasonable solution, we should not be falsely lured into the fact that the ex KGB chief will follow through with any threats. The Crimean region was Russian territory prior to the 1954 seccession to the Soviet Republic of the Ukraine. I think Russia will protect them, in that I have no doubt.

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