Trudeau’s economic plan for Canada


Statements gleamed from Justin Trudeau’s keynote speech and his address to the Petroleum Club in Calgary, Alberta last year should give Canadians a pretty good idea of how Justin Trudeau’s economy would go. It would probably include a carbon tax. What is Trudeau’s economic plan for Canada?

During his keynote speech this weekend Trudeau said that he would not raise taxes on corporations or the middle class. Based on all the programs he wants to fund and was highlighted by the non-binding resolutions of the party delegates, he has two options to raise money. One is by increasing Canada’s debt and the other to introduce a “tax on pollution,” his term to disguise carbon tax.

Needless to say Justin Trudeau has every intention of making Alberta pay for pollution, tighten regulations. In his address to Calgary’s Petroleum Club Trudau said:

“Part and parcel of that strategy ought to be a national approach to pipelines and development, within an overall framework that includes a policy that puts a price on carbon pollution. Let me be clear on this. If we had stronger environmental policy in this country: stronger oversight, tougher penalties, and yes, some sort of means to price carbon pollution, then I believe the Keystone XL pipeline would have been approved already.”Source: Sun News

He also doesn’t seem to have any problem with additional debt. He intends to use the Harper government’s surplus projected for 2015 to pay for many of his programs. This is probably a pipe dream and his comment about Canada’s debt being much lower than the debt Obama has accumulated in the US, indicates that he would have no problem with incurring additional debt and go back into deficit spending should he gain power.

In a seven minute YouTube video, Trudeau explained his economic vision, stating that Canada’s debt was low, much lower than Barrack Obama’s and thus he federal government has room to invest and the government must step up. This is indirect opposition what the current Harper government is pursuing right now. While Trudeau’s approach may satisfy the uninformed masses, it will in fact be devastating for the economy. Source: SUN News

There is room for improvement for the middle class, but for the most part the Canadian middle class manages its household debt and is still in a position to live the Canadian dream with the purchase of a home.

Trudeau, who has lived a life of entitlement as the son of a prime minister has never endured the hardship of average Canadians. While he is currently riding a wave of popular support, supported by Canada’s left leaning media, this may be short lived once Canadians take a closer look at the wanna be prime minister.

Trudeau lacks substance, but seems to play off the same sheet as his famous father. Those of us living in Alberta have a long memory and will be weary of Justin’s policies. Hopefully the rest of Canada will as well.

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