Money Can’t Buy Love: 76% Palestinians Dislike America

Yasser Arafat, Terrorist and Palestinian Leader

Yasser Arafat, Terrorist and Palestinian Leader

For decades, America has given millions in aid to the Palestinian territories through food, medicine and other economic assistance. Unfortunately, most of it has been misused and used against America and its interests as well! Was America thinking that it could control its charity and how it was used? Did America think that the ones at the end of the dole would be grateful? Not too many who are at the receiving end show gratitude. In fact, very often, quite the opposite occurs. There develops a sentiment among receivers called resentment, for the situation they are in and towards people who see their dependency. Such is the shame that comes with receiving and especially if it becomes chronic. Human dignity gets irrevocably eroded, and resentment turns to anger. That is perhaps what has happened in Palestine and Pakistan and other places, after years and decades of receiving money based on unfortunate circumstances or political purposes. The money is not supposed to lift you out of despair; it’s there, whatever is left of it, to keep you in it; not enough to get you out of it but just enough to let you be in it and simmer with bitterness and rage.

Algemeiner reports: A new Pew Research Center survey showed that people living under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas dislike the U.S. more than any other group, with 76% of respondents, the most on the list, qualifying America as an “enemy.” Alternatively, In Israel, 90% of respondents qualified the U.S. as a “partner,” putting the Jewish state at the top spot on the pro-America list. Just 1% of Israelis view the U.S. as an enemy. Asked whether the U.S. was “favorable” or “unfavorable,” the “Palestinian Territories” scored highly with 79% of respondents being “unfavorable,” preceded by Jordan (85%) and Egypt (81%). The Palestinian Territories also topped the next question that characterized the American people as favorable or unfavorable, with 69% responding in the negative.

Blogger Elder of Ziyon on Monday made two observations about Pew Research: There is no correlation between the amount of money the U.S. gives to a nation and their opinion of the U.S., and Egypt and Jordan hate Americans more than Pakistanis! So, if America cannot garner some good will and its aid has not succeeded in improving the plight of the Palestinian people, where exactly do all the millions and billions in aid go? Barry Rubin says that Palestinian Authority leaders have received more aid money per person than anyone else in history and yet the results have been remarkably unimpressive. The region has produced the biggest terrorists like Yasser Arafat, who amassed great wealth while their people continued to live in refugee camps. Palestinian leaders have looted the money for their personal domains and used it as political pay-offs as well to buy patronage for their political supporters and against their rivals.

Yet the PA cannot provide jobs for most of its people or build good institutions. Luxury apartments are going up but not hospitals, schools, and infrastructure improvements. Why does the world not pay attention to this massive theft, inefficiency, and misappropriation of funds? As in most aid gone haywire, money for Palestinian territories is not being used for development purposes but for political purposes. Somehow, it’s the same concept with being on public aid or the dole. There seems to be no joy or honor or pleasure in this. People at public aid offices are one of the most miserable looking people with no pleasure in sight. You would think people would be happy getting free stuff. Well, Obama seems to think so and so do Liberals. Dependency is the mantra of Liberalism. For them, making people inure is the way to salvation from poverty. It hasn’t worked plus has added the burden of shame. According to Liberalism, work will not set you free but unearned free stuff will!


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