Millennials would begin Listening once Politicians Stop Screaming

I am positively sick and tired of having to listen to news and the newest horror plastered on the television screen. I can say this without a shadow of a doubt, and I can also say that this feeling wasn’t attached to me the day I was born, it was bred. Taped and smacked on every corner and turn that I take in my everyday life. It’s on the lips of all of my family members, young and old, and yet I find that with all the malarkey weaved into debating groups and pro-to-con arguments; I’ve given up on taking a rational decision.


I am sixteen, and for all intents and purposes, I am a Republican. Don’t let that hinder you at all for the rest of this writing though, because I can also say I agree emphatically with some points and views on the more Democratic side.

Let me make myself clear, any person that isn’t in the close class of my age my not agree with me, and that is because I am knee deep in the baby boomer movement. I cannot get out, and I am also deep in the revolutionist movement towards full acceptance, no matter what race or preference you have concerning relationship choice. My democratic left brain tells me to support gay marriage, and the rights of LGBT community. It tells me too give any child or adult the right to pursue education and to help them through that track, we need education to excel in our society. It tells me that in partnership of a growing society, to not mock the growing technology. And finally, as a female in high school, it tells me to support women’s rights and multiculturalism.

Aside from that, my Republican right brain tells me that the debt crisis is true and alive, and it is no use trying to deny that it’s there. It tells me to support Israel, as hard as that may seem to individuals these days. And it also tells me to believe in a limited government, due to the fact that not one single person (or group for that matter) can control a vast area and its people.

I mean to make my beliefs clear first so that all words aside, you understand where it is I stand. I am a teenager in 2014, and many of my thoughts and feelings stem from outside forces near me, and of course, media.

On that point, do you know how hard it is to understand anything about today’s government or its stand on matters when every time I look for information, I only find screaming. Argument, subterfuge, and a very compelling argument on word bending that could literally out class any wordsmith.

I can barely lie with a straight face, I find it pretty worrisome and amazing that our nation’s flow of information comes from individuals who can bend and turn a question to fit their own agenda. This creates a sort of never-ending loop that leaves me dizzy. I feel it almost fits the perfect nuclear family definition. The average every day citizen or individual is the child, when they go to their Democratic father and Republican mother for advice, the child is very nearly overwhelmed with the sudden screaming that it’s faced with. How is the child supposed to pick a side when it can’t even pick out its own feelings over the screaming? How can the children actually hear what’s being said? It’s impossible.

That’s the reason I hate government and even history more than any other subject in my school. I’m not the only one. Hundreds of kids in my school, and millions around the world would agree when asked how they feel about government and surrounding issues today. They hate it, not for their own ignorance of the subject, but the way it’s presented to us. We hear each side of the fight, and realize that we’ve listened to this garble for who knows how long, and we haven’t heard a thing.

This isn’t just the common occurrence of one class or level of student, it is for most students a reality. And how are we to blame? Frankly, we have all just gotten here, we aren’t responsible for not knowing or not picking correctly the side which most everyone sides with.

I say this not to point fingers or taunt a class, I say this to bring awareness to the topic from a voice that doesn’t have much say. I’m just a normal teenager who doesn’t have a clue what I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow let alone which side to speak up for in the raging spending-cuts and tax reduction sides in our somewhat unstable economy for the future. All I need, truly and utterly, is for warring debaters on the stand to stop bickering, and to start talking.

If that could be achieved, I feel we would all have a stronger voice.

In today’s society, if that can’t be achieved, we will all surely succumb to ignorance.

About the Author

McKenzie Michelle Miller is a 10th grader at TL Hanna High school in Anderson, South Carolina. McKenzie has been published in the Young Poets Anthology and attended the TriDac performance arts school for Creative Writing, McKenzie has been consistently putting words on paper ever since she could hold a pencil. She is currently spending time in her school's Young Republicans and Young Democrats clubs, comparing and contrasting discussions and debates in moral and realistic views. She hopes to continue writing on important subject matter that include government and politics.

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