Lessons for Obama from Russian Hockey Coach

In what was supposed to be a repeat of a miracle on ice, first Russia was defeated by Team USA and then Russia got routed by Finland in the Olympic quarter finals. Consequently the world was deprived of a potentially explosive finals between USA and Russia in the Olympics Hockey Final. Forget the Gold Medal that Russia was hoping for; they would now have to retire quietly somewhere in the mountains. If it were the old days of USSR, and Putin was still working for the KGB, who knows what would have happened to the Russian Hockey team. Perhaps Siberia? Yet, nobody knows what Putin might do! Obama certainly wouldn’t know; he routinely happens to be the last one to know what’s happening in his administration and more importantly around the world. Additionally, Mainstream Media is adamant about not reporting any unsavory news about Obama.

Nonetheless, Russians can teach Obama a few lessons on accountability besides their understanding of global politics. Russian Hockey Coach took full responsibility for the defeat of the Russian heavy weights on ice. What a sharp contrast to the American President who has stubbornly refused to take responsibility for any of his debacles!

As far as the losing Russian team is concerned, no one knows for sure how Putin may react to this defeat. He might take it personally and declare them winners despite the results. However in the strange worlds of North Korea and even Iraq, it can be said with certainty what brutal Dictators like Saddam Hussain or Kim Jong would have done if they were alive and their teams would have suffered ignominious defeats: decapitated each and every one in the losing team along with the coach, his family and all family members of the team players. Just to round off matters in a very effective aka brutal manner, the ruthless dictators would have wiped out entire tribes of the losing team members as well. Such are the vagaries of men who are known as Dictators in history books, something Obama is looking eerily similar to!

In a conversation with reporters who were shocked and bewildered, Russian Coach Bilyaletdinov took full responsibility for the debacle. He even suggested he should be eaten alive! On the other hand, what did our President Obama do about his litany of debacles? All we heard were denials, lies, blames and deflections. Not one word resembling acceptance and accountability has been uttered so far!

Wall Street Journal reported: Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, the 58-year-old head coach of the Russian hockey team, faced a crowd of stunned Russian journalists after Finland eliminated his squad from the men’s hockey tournament here with a 3-1 win in the quarterfinals. A news conference with Bilyaletdinov, followed by a brief impromptu session surrounded by roughly 20 reporters, offered evidence of how much the loss shocked Russia.

Excerpts of the exchange at a news conference between the coach and Russian journalists are below:

Hockey Lessons for Obama

Hockey Lessons for Obama

Q: Is this a catastrophe?
A: This has certainly been an unsuccessful appearance…Let’s not play with words. I told you, we were unsuccessful. Call it what you will.
Q: Mr. Bilyaletdinov, in what way, exactly, do you see yourself at fault for what happened? What would you have done differently if you could turn back the clock?
A: I don’t want to talk about this now. I’m at fault for everything. I didn’t fulfill the task before me.

In a scrum with Russian reporters after the news conference:

Q: What future, if any, do you see for your own work and for your coaching staff? Because, you know, your predecessor was eaten alive after the Olympics.
A: Well then, eat me alive right now… Eat me, and I won’t be here anymore.
Q: But we have the world championship coming up!
A: Well then, there will be a different coach because I won’t exist any more, since you will have eaten me.
Q: But you’re staying, aren’t you?
A: Yes, I will remain living.

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