Heroin: the most dangerous drug epidemic in America?

America may have a new drug epidemic, one more dangerous and wide-sweeping than any that have come before. The recent tragic deaths of actors Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith from heroin overdoses has shined a spotlight on the drug’s increasing popularity and prevalence throughout the nation.


From 2002 to 2012, heroin use increased by 66%. Experts believe that during that time heroin has become cheaper, easier to obtain (thanks to Mexican drug cartels), and easier to use—the purer forms of heroin that are appearing on streets may be snorted rather than injected.

As a nation, the United States has long struggled with another cheap, popular narcotic: methamphetamine. But now, experts say, heroin is beginning to replace meth, as well as more expensive prescription painkillers, in rural and suburban settings. Heroin users are starting their habit at a younger age.

What may be contributing to this trend is the availability and subsequent abuse of prescription opiates like Vicodin and Oxycontin. Needing only a doctor’s prescription to obtain these drugs, Americans in many states find these types of narcotics to be the easiest, if not the cheapest, forms of recreational drugs to obtain. Particularly susceptible to this type of abuse are adolescents and young adults, who may begin their drug habit by pilfering from parents’ medicine cabinets.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse says 4.2 million Americans have tried heroin at least once during their lives, and 23% of individuals who use heroin become dependent. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs available, and it is also one of the easiest to overdose on.

Now that it is spreading across the country, affecting Americans young and old, it seems that our nation may have a new enemy, one that has risen again and is now killing us from within.

Is heroin the most dangerous drug in America? Answer our poll below.

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  1. Regarding the epidemic explosion of heroin, meth and marijuana use amongst young people in America it is really not that hard to understand. Children have nothing to look forward to in life. God is not the benevolent overseer that they were taught he is. Politicians and the political process are corrupt, are self-serving and care nothing for the citizenry. The American Dream is an illusion and education is not the pathway to success as they were told. The media continuously hammers on the negative to sell copy and ad time. The quiet collection of meta-data infringes on the very minutia of life and popular media promotes an unhealthy and unattainable lifestyle and body image ideal that results in disappointment and self-loathing.
    As Economic Elitist pursue the race to the top for profits, it forces more and more people into an abyss at the bottom; against foreign labor markets that are willing to rape the environment and work for literally pennies a day. As political correctness and godless socialism become the mantra of the day; extreme left wing intellectuals mock any religious beliefs or deeply held moral convictions as ignorant and intolerant, condemning civil society to atheism at its core. Given that our children are better informed than ever before, they have lost faith, lost hope and are morally rudderless in a storm of consumerism and sensory overload. They see no purpose or point in playing a rigged game controlled by powers that see them only as a means to an end; that being the exaltation of the ruling elite and the mockery of anyone who opposes blind consumerism and conformity. The only thing wrong with the children of today is that their dreams of any kind of a future have been stolen away by the ruling elite, the captains of industry, advertising and by agnostic social engineers that put the needs of one individual over the needs of us all. That is why criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens, why our Democracy is being sold to the highest campaign contributors and why law enforcement has become a revenue collection arm of government. Commercial Society run by the Profit Mongers have stripped children bare of dignity, purpose and the ability to hope. Drug use, suicide and anti-social behavior has become their coping mechanisms for a world they don’t feel has any future to offer them. When wars are fought for profit, over religion or resource it steals away not only the innocence of the present but the aspirations of the future. This is why drug use becomes more appealing than the sober reality children see themselves in.

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