America Under The Weight of the Federal Reserve Part III

the Federal Reserve represents a greater threat according to Thomas Jefferson than a standing army.

the Federal Reserve represents a greater threat according to Thomas Jefferson than a standing army.

Let’s say for instance that a very powerful and well established cartel of wealthy independent bankers that have existed since before the American Revolution in 1776 have consolidated their grip over the global community in the decades and centuries since. Let us take for granted that these wealthy families are so influential that they have not only been documented for their huge holdings, income verification, international affiliations, and even have powerful ties to organizations such as the IMF, Trilateral Commission, and the CFR. So, aside from their considerable power within the regime of finance and banking, they have also fortified their existence by reaching within the international political theater. Note that their formidable reach even penetrates the US media by vetting journalists who will comply with their will.

Age of the beast

So now you have a conglomeration of age old prominent banking families who in order to insure their perpetuity have taken extraordinary steps to infiltrate every relevant aspect of the socioeconomic realm  that might negatively impact them, compete against them, as well as any elements that they can effectively exploit. By using their incredible financial resources they are able to interdict any direct interference with their business and profits. Their influence is so formidable that they can issue funding and credit without the need to back it with physical gold, silver, or tangible assets. In doing so they are able to decide the fiscal outcome of nations. They can not only financially impact countries through-out the world, but they can cause social strife, wars, election outcomes, and even the media that supposedly reports these events. This cartel of private bankers without an allegiance to any other nation can literally orchestrate the major events of the world!

Nature of the beast

The above description I have just painted for you, my friends, is a depiction of an entity that we all know as the Federal Reserve. This banking corporation, devoid of a conscience or any real responsibility for the outcome of its actions, has more clout than the average individual could ever appreciate or comprehend. When you have the ability to not only influence the world and decide life or death, but are even be able to manipulate events in the world that seem to have no direct relevance to matters financial, you have stealth as an added weapon in your arsenal. Yes they do. Using their highly convoluted and all-pervading influence the Federal Reserve may very well be the most formidable force known to mankind aside from the destructive forces of nature.

Social engineering

Let us take a look at just one example of the ability of the families behind the Federal Reserve and their ability to weave social propaganda into the fabric of society and impact policy. Aaron Russo, famous film producer and social commentator was befriended by David Rockefeller, a member of one of the most influential families behind this impervious international corporation of money and power. Russo reportedly spent much time with Rockefeller, who not only revealed many schemes used by the Federal Reserve to transform society, but also invited him into the fold to become one of them and to eventually do their bidding. Russo refused the offer, however.

Aaron Russo weighs in

As fate would have it Aaron Russo did not accept Rockefeller’s proposition but did learn from Rockefeller the convoluted manner in which the powers that be can manipulate society by using false narratives. David Rockefeller revealed that the women’s liberation advocacy that supposedly empowered American women, encouraged them to gain independence from men, prodded them to have babies apart from the traditional notion of the American family, to gain equality within the work force, and to get women to seek the same power as men was not aimed at all at helping women achieve their rights. Rockefeller pointed out that only half of the work force (men) produced tax revenues. At the time women primarily stayed at home as mothers. They were considered by the powerful families of the Federal Reserve as nonproducing revenue assets yet untapped by the system.

This twisted philosophical interjection convinced people to act under the aegis of social conscience, but, in reality, was only designed to get women to work and pay into more income tax revenues for the sake of the Federal Reserve System. Women had been unwitting accomplices in furthering the strangle hold of more income tax upon American society. Russo exposed this sad fact in one of his many films that attempted to enlighten the public over the conspiracies that exist and influence our lives and freedoms here and abroad. The continual erosion of our freedoms under our US Constitution are undeniable in view of these events.

Rebellion against the evil?

The burning question in all this must be asked. How do we as participating and responsible citizens liberate ourselves from the debilitating influence that has eclipsed our currency, our banking system, and even the economy that we must survive in? We only have two choices. We can choose to do nothing and watch our fortunes as a society crumble into oblivion once a monetary crisis devastates America and creates havoc. Our only other alternative is to fight them. Iceland and Argentina have already taken on this corruption and the people won. Yes, the parasitic banking systems that had manipulated their currency and devalued it to catastrophic level were ousted from their nation.

Those who dared to fight

Adrian Salbuchi, an Argentinian economist and social commentator characterized President Obama as the CEO of an aggressive corporate take-over being perpetrated against the US Constitution and our society. Think of our president as head of a competing conglomerate not as an administration, that is bent on the imposition of an ideology that is not only not in the best interests of the people, but is being presented very disingenuously thus misrepresenting the true intentions of this corporate take-over of the US just as in the business world where mergers and acquisitions are often falsely presented to the public prior to the layoffs, changes in policy, and the financial structure of that corporation will now face once it has new management with their new agenda.

Now think of the Federal Reserve as a powerful political tool that also enables this take-over with the funding it takes to orchestrate recessions, devaluations, and slush funds that will finance the Democratic Party in its constant socialist assault on the traditions of the American family, the religious impact of morality though out society, and the economic health of our entire society. This impacts the future of generations of our society. This social engineering is achieved through fiscal impact and everything that impact can influence in a complex society where money and banking can manipulate all aspects of public perception, government policy, and even ethical behavior within our society.

A true evil empire

The Federal Reserve, intentionally represented as a branch of the US treasury, which it is not, is an empire made up of wealthy families that have gone to amazing efforts to keep their advantage intact for decades and even centuries using their financial tentacles to reach into all possible aspects of industry, media, government, and international banking so that there is little they cannot have an effect upon. In doing so, they remain nearly impervious to internal investigation. They remain almost invulnerable to prosecution with government officials and lawmakers in their pockets. They are dangerous enough that they will ruthlessly lash out against any perceived threats or individuals who could expose their agenda for its all-encompassing intentions of ultimately enslaving humanity through many means.


The outlook for the human race is not very optimistic when the people refuse to awake from their apathy and preoccupations with the technological distractions of the internet, TV, censored media, propaganda, and sports. When the people are not concerned with the welfare of their government and nation, a coup can much more easily succeed with minimum resistance. Such false narratives being used as Agenda 21, climate change, zero population growth, preservation of resources, environmental tyranny, advocacy of gay marriage, the rise of the police state, all these radical concepts are used to socially engineer society in a way that benefits the agenda of the Federal Reserve in its design to remain unassailable and dominant as a global form of tyranny. People have little concept of the vastness of the Federal Reserve’s presence in all affairs of our society with a master plan that spans generations with evil intentions.

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