Facebook Opens up a Can of Genders – Anyone Confused?

In one swell move, Facebook added 56 new gender options on its social media site. People can now choose anything they want to be or nothing if they so choose. Gone are the days of only two genders: male and female. As if people didn’t have enough choices, Facebook has seen that its members should not be devoid of any chance of choosing their gender and if you are out of ideas for that moment of choosing your status, Facebook will provide it for you.

Facebook opens can of genders

Facebook opens can of genders

More over, you can stop being any of the choices at any time for any reason. It’s all very fluid, very accepting, and very diverse. Be all you can be or none if you don’t want to be. Just like its likes, dislikes and pokes, Facebook users can change their genders at the touch of a finger tip! The world is going to be free at last.

Slate reports painstakingly about Facebook’s 56 gender choices. There are the usual gender benders and twisters like Gender Fluid, Gender Nonconforming, Gender Questioning, Gender Variant, Genderqueer and much more in the Trans section. With the word ‘trans’, Facebook has added Trans Female, Trans Male, Trans Man, Trans Person, finally coming back to the word gender and giving its users plenty to choose from: Transgender Male, Transgender Female. There are variations of transgender male , transgender female, transexual person, transsexual male, transsexual female and trans masculine. There are further choices of Male to Female, Female to Male, Neither, Other and the beautiful Two Spirit. God can take a long break. The world has moved on way further than intended with only Adam and Eve.

Nothing is like it seems. A woman may really be a man, and a man may not be a man at all; it could very well be a turtle trying to be a transgender or whatever. People may in all likelihood be Martians-to-rocks-to-male-to female-to neither-to-other. As if teenagers and millenniums didn’t have enough to worry about their million friends, fans and followers, they will now have to account for the diverse and encompassing moves of Facebook to accommodate everyone in this short list of options for 50 plus gender choices. More choices maybe coming soon!Science may have to move its classifications of male and female as per Facebook choices, which any way should have added desires and wants of people and how they would like to be gendered beyond the 50 plus categories on Facebook! They may even take to complaining about not being targeted enough! This is not about Nature versus Nurture; this is not about birth and re-birth; it’s all about Facebook in tune with the chaotic world which oscillates between modes of global warming and global cooling. No wonder, there is so much angst about nothing in our lives.

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