Early Impressions from the Sochi Games

Many around the world doubted Russia’s abilities to host the quadrennial event successfully, but the negative hype preceding the Games may have been exaggerated.


That’s not to say the games have gone off without a hitch—the opening ceremonies experienced some technical difficulties and a number of athletes have been injured on various courses.

Even if the rest of the games have no future difficulties, Sochi controversies have taken their toll on attendance and the atmosphere. Even popular events such as Men’s Speedskating are only filling up 75% of the stadium.

The list of concerns keeping people from the Sochi Olympics covers everything from security concerns to travel costs to divisive politics, but one uncontrollable threat to Sochi success may actually be the weather.

Sochi has been having a warm streak that most on the United States’ East Coast would die for. Temperatures reached a high of 61 degrees on Monday in Sochi, and the weather is only expected to get warmer as spring steadily closes in.

Russian officials say they have enough of a surplus of stored snow to last the duration of the games, but they also said construction would be finished before the games started, so you can take that with a grain of salt.

What about the athletes?

As it stands as of Monday afternoon in the U.S., the leading medal winner of the Olympics is Canada with 3 Gold Medals, 3 Silvers, and a Bronze followed closely by the Netherlands with a 3-2-2 record. 3rd place is currently taken by Norway and Russia and the United States are 4th and 5th, respectively.

The Russians are ahead of the United States in terms of medals won, but they have one less Gold medal than the United States as of Monday.

The United States maintained their dominance in the extreme sports arena, winning the Men’s and Women’s Slopestyle events. The Russians managed to earn their first Gold Medal of the games in a figure skating event, which may be a precursor to renewed Russian dominance in the winter sport which blends art and athleticism.

The Olympic closing ceremonies won’t take place until Feb. 23, so the current standings are only a slight predictor for the final winner of the games. Barring any catastrophic events, the rest of the games should be celebrated and enjoyed.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of these Olympic athletes, and we owe it to them to support their performance and dedication to their chosen sport.

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