Creationism Debate in Kentucky

By Chris Wawra

The creationism debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye on Tuesday night was definitely an interesting affair, but did it actually accomplish anything? Each side presented its evidence and attempted to refute the claims made by their opponent, but the rhetoric was simply a rehash of ideas presented on both sides.

nye_ham_debateWhat could have been a substantive dialogue opening doors to both sides of the issue turned out to be merely an academic exercise bolstering each side with their purported truth.

Both Nye, arguing on behalf of science, and Ham, advocating for creationism, were visibly agitated during the entirety of the presentation, which took place at Ham’s Creation Museum in Kentucky. At the end of the debate, questions from the audience were fielded to both participants in a short-form Q&A session. While Ham may have had the home turf, the audience posed some excellent questions to both of the public figures.

Which of the two figures actually won the debate? Some claim Bill Nye lost the debate simply by showing up and acknowledging Ken Ham’s theories, but that’s a rather shortsighted view. With a push for Creation theory showing up in classrooms around the country, a public debate like Ham and Nye’s was bound to happen.

We may have another version of the Scopes trial in the near future. The conflict between faith and science is far from over.

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