Alison Redfords Disregard for Taxpayers

Why does Redford's Chief of Staff make four times the salary of the WH COS?

Why does Redford’s Chief of Staff make four times the salary of the WH COS?

Alberta Premier Alsion Redford shows continued disregard for Alberta Taxpayers. Her continued lavish expenses for her travel around the globe was once again highlighted when the taxpayer was billed when her expenses to go to Nelson Mandella’s funeral were $45,000, while the Premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil, billed the taxpayer a mere $942.

While she hitched a free ride to South Africa on Prime Minister Stephen

45 times the expenses of the NS premier?

45 times the expenses of the NS premier?

Harper’s flight, she took a private jet to Ottawa and flew home on a commercial flight. For her recent trip to India she billed the taxpayer $120,000.

Since becoming premier, Redford has continuously traveled starting with a trip to the London Olympics, where she paid for unused rooms. The trip was apparently to promote Alberta in Europe. Why would you do that during the Olympics?

She has attended the Bilderberg Society, a conference based on invitation only and the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, another meeting that is by invitation only. According to opposition critic Rob Anderson, Redford thinks she is Royalty, but Rob Anderson adds that she is not. She is the Premier of Alberta and needs to respect taxpayers of this province.

She has also made several trip to Washington, New York and Chicago speaking to the converted on the Keystone pipeline and talked with and under secretary of the US state department. She even met with Al Gore, who was certainly not going to be convinced. Canada has an ambassador in Washinton along with a trade office. Alberta also maintains a trade officein Washington. Her presence certainly served no purpose. Maybe she was shopping at Macey’s.

Redford has also come under fire for the outrageous salariesth paid to Alberta executives. One example is the salary of her chief of staff, who earns $316,300 a year, while President Obama’s Chief of Staff earns a mere 172,200 a year. I guess we know which one is more important.

Top Alberta executives are in the 200,000 to 300,000 range, which include Redford’s cabinet ministers. She excuses these salaries by referring to a very robust Alberta economy that pays top executives these kind of wages. For Ms. Redford’s information, these cabinet ministers work for the taxpayer and are supposedly doing it out of a sense of giving back to society, rather than ripping them off.

Meanwhile Redford has cut back on pharmacist services, who had to lay off personnel and are no longer able to provide services that Albertans depended on. She also got into a very open fight with Alberta’s doctors, eventually reaching a settlement, which basically required doctors to cut back on staff and limits the time they are able to spend with individual patients. The province is faced with overcrowded classrooms and she has cut back on money allocated to education.

Debt is the trap that has caught so many struggling governments

Debt is the trap that has caught so many struggling governments

In short Redford has been on a spending spree and increased the provinces debt, despite increased revenues.

With an innovative budget trick Redford has hidden the fact that the province is in debt. Only the Redford government could explain that mystery. Prior to her predecessor, Ed Stelmach, Premier eliminated Alberta’s debt and even passed a law, which prohibited Alberta to go into debt. That went out the window with new legislation.

The Progressive Conservative government of Alberta has held power in this province for more than 40 years and feels truly entitled. While utility charges and municipal taxes are crippling low income and fixed income Albertans, the Redford government continues down the spending road and banks the whole economy of this province on the Alberta Oilsands.

While demanding restraint from ordinary Albertans, this government does not lead by example. Ms Redford and her government should head the things she imposes on ordinary Albertans and set the example. She is not the Queen of England, nor do Albertans want to pay for her gold plated trips or salaries.

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