Woman: Pawns To the President

For years, ever since Obama introduced his controversial healthcare plan, he has shoved the sex that is Woman, into the prime focus of healthcare agenda. Throughout Pawn

this period of time I have been disgusted with how the President of such a progressive country can USE the whole national population of woman as a political pawn. Unfortunately, many woman who are liberal or not educated about politics do not see the adminstrations push for mandated birth control as a political tool to gain votes. In reality it is the men of this administration using woman to further an unpopular personal agenda that is Obamacare. And all this from the political party that prides themselves on being sympathetic to woman and winning the woman vote.

I believe that Obama felt he needed to anger a large majority of the American population to boost focus on Obamacare, and it had to be a large mass that has a fundamental need in common. Choosing a minority sect would be way too controversial and there isn’t any oppression of the races or sexes in this country anymore. Hence an issue like birth control seemed appealing since it effects all races of the female sex and it would be strong base to gain supporters who aren’t politically active to turn an ear up to what the President has to say.

The President even pushed this issue, un-necessarily, in the State of the Union claiming women shouldn’t have to pay more in healthcare because they are woman. No private insurance carriers charge you more monthly because of your sex. And since the President so cleverly generalized that statement; if he meant issues regarding pregnancy: there are free state sponsored health programs that covers a woman’s pregnancy straight away if she can’t afford the OBGYN bills. If he means birth control: there are private organizations and most popularly Planned Parenthood, who since 1933, give woman of all income brackets birth control at no cost. There is no shortage of ways for woman to obtain any type of birth control of pre natal assistance. Of course the President had to make woman feel more vulnerable by address in the State of the Union, a single mom who is a Physician’s Assistant who finally gained access to health care through Obamacare. That example of a suffering woman was so absurd since the medium yearly income for a physician’s assistant is $85,000 a year. If any person, female or male makes 80 k’s a year there is no excuse as to why they should not have and be able to afford health insurance.

Setting aside the issues regarding birth control or pre-natal help availability that could cover heaps of points; the major problem I have is the fact the President is targeting my fellow country woman to further his own agenda on a baseless platform to set off the rage of woman. Perhaps the President forgot what century it is because the Woman’s Suffrage movement of the 1900’s is, thank God, no more because woman now have all equal rights and no one is opposed to us using those rights in this country. Our country has been blessed with female leaders in the highest and most influential positions. To personally manipulate a whole sect of a population to start thinking they are victimized by their own country for such issues is disgusting and the President should be ashamed.

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Hello all! I'm a Minnesota raised 24 year old who has always had a natural passion for politics and world affairs. The patriotism that is in my bled lept out into passion (like many Americans) in September 2001. As a young conservative I stand up for my beliefs when many my age think very left winged. I am a seasoned traveler of many countries in this great world and have always thought of myself as the odd Republican American representative to whomever I meet abroad. By these posts I am trying to prove that the base of the Grand Old Party is dead and does have a young peoples base.

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