President Obama outfoxes Bill O’Reilly

Obama outfoxes FOX

Obama outfoxes FOX

The much touted tough interview by Bill O’Reilly of President Obama, saw a president that was well prepared. On almost every one of O’Reilly’s so-called hard ball questions, President Obama outfoxed “FOX.”

The initial live interview was conducted in the prelude to the Superbowl, was limited in time and for obvious reasons was not suited for follow up questions. There is no question that the president’s handlers knew this and there was also the factor that no one was interested in politics on Superbowl Sunday. For most Americans it was probably time to get more snacks and another Budweiser.

The White House agreed to a taped interview after the live one and that interview was aired on the Factor on Monday during FOX’s prime time lineup.

Bill O’Reilly posed a myriad of questions, but seldom with a follow up. It was clear that the president was well briefed on the questions and although O’Reilly claims that none of the questions were submitted to the White House, none of them should have been a surprise to the president and White House staffers, who follow FOX criticism. The questions included, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, NSA scandal, the environmental impact statement on Keystone, and naturally the president’s promise, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period.”

After the interview was played, O’Reilly invited his pundit friends like Krauthammer and Bernie to give him a supportive pad in the back. It was astounding.

Anyone that has followed these issues and then watched the interview will realize that the president did some, as we say in Canada, did some skilful stick handling. He defended the IRS and called it a non-scandal, defended the administration’s messaging after Benghazi and justified the video story.

President Obama’s reply was particularly troubling. He challenged that the pipeline would create 42,000 jobs and lowered he figure to closer to 2,000, which is something he stated before. Anyone that knows the pipeline industry knows that the president is dead wrong and out of touch. Who does he think builds those pipelines? He also said that another review by various departments in required before Secretary of State John Kerry makes his final recommendation. That is at least 90 days. Again the president has set no deadline for the decision.

This is a question of who the president upsets. Is it the Hollywood crowd and big donors or the unions, which will vote for him regardless. I put my money on environmentalists. Let’s piss of Canada. After all Canada is forgiving and tolerant and the leftists might get elected in 2015.

President Obama told Bill O’Reilly Monday on “The O’Reilly Factor” that he was waiting to get an official recommendation from Secretary of State John Kerry before proceeding with the Keystone Pipeline.

Obama also took issue with the number of jobs the pipeline would create after supporters said it would create tens of thousands.

“Keystone Pipeline, a new study comes in, environmental impact negligible, 42, 000 jobs. You’re going to OK it, I assume,” O’Reilly asked.

Obama responded, “Well, first of all, it’s not 42,000. That’s not correct. It’s a couple of thousand to build the pipeline.”

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President Obama was well prepared for this interview and got away with making his points based on his ideology. Bill O’Reilly seldom followed up and this interview wasn’t half as tough as the one he did five years ago. Yes President Obama outfoxed FOX.

Full script of Bill O’Reilly interview

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  1. Bill O’Reilly thinks he is tough but really he is not. Still, I thought in comparison to the spineless MSM, this interview seemed ‘tough’. Obama couldn’t hide his irritation and displeasure at the temerity of the questions. How dare they do this to him! Good article Karl.

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