I am the anti-Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis, the Texas democratic candidate for governor is a good liberal. She knows that being a victim is a political gold mine, so she whips up a skid-row story that only sounds like a skid row story to privileged elite liberals. The rest of America is left scratching our heads trying to figure out what her hardship was.


She tells that she was poor, single and pregnant at 18, as if all those things make her the victim of a cruel misogynist society. She laments “being forced” to live in a mobile home and having a really hard time making ends meet, paying for childcare, paying for a car payment, paying rent and making sure that she kept the lights turned on. As if those things make her the victim of income inequality. (I have to wonder though if she knows that 8%, or over 2 million people in Texas currently reside in mobile homes and most likely give daily thanks for having a roof over their heads). This is your hardship story lady? This is your political narrative? For most hard working Americans, that don’t survive on government handouts, or thrive on being a victim, this is called life.

I personally know the America that values real grit and determination and the character traits adversity and resilience produces. Unlike Ms. Davis or her liberal elite political advisors, I overcame the deepest odds, the ones she wishes she could honestly use for political gain. As the daughter of an immigrant, born to a 17 year old mother who used drugs, abused her children and the welfare system, ran in gangs and prostituted, I was forced to drop out of high school at 15 so that I could go to work and support myself. And I worked. Hard. Long hours. Unpleasant jobs. Anything that would help me pay for college and move up the rungs. I achieved success. You see, working hard to achieve in spite of real adversity is what Americans of substance are made of—my story is not unique. Hard work, adversity, stumbling blocks are not something bad or something to avoid. But, they are if you’re on the liberal left. They become inequalities and something for the government to rectify. I recall that at no time in my ascent out of poverty did I rely on a victimhood status. No, I relied on my accomplishments because I wasn’t a victim. I was a success story. This is what America is. Successes, not failures. Resilience, not defeatist.  Achievers not victims.

Ms. Davis’ hijacking of adversity is offensive. Rather than quietly just accomplishing, she took adversity, made it a bad word, victimized it and then asked voters to reward her faux victimhood with a Governorship.  It reminds me of the old Dr. Pepper commercial, “I’m a victim, she’s a victim, he’s a victim, wouldn’t you like to be a victim too”?

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Faith Falise -- Libertarian and Women's Issues Writer -- Faith is a former NRA employee, current Masters student and political activist. She is a libertarian woman who wants the government to stay out of the way of ingenuity, progress and business. Her motto: “Get government out of the business of business”. Faith overcame adversity in spite of the “help” of government. Faith resides in South Carolina with her two liberty loving children. Please find her rants on Facebook or email her at faithfalise@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Faith! I’m now a big fan of yours! I always said Wendy Davis and her cohorts diminish the achievements of real women who faced REAL problems – with no man to bail them out. Typical Liberal crap. I’m so sick of dealing with this corruption, PC chilling of speech and out-and-out lies of the Democrats. AND the Republicans. Libertarianism is the future of this country. It’s the ONLY way.

  2. Great work Faith. I look over your shoulder on Facebook and I know for a fact that despite all of your personal obligations, you don’t cast personal (and Local) responsibility in helping those in need on the Government. You are a fine example of a Libertarian Women. Thank you for contributing to Politisite!

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