Taking a Gamble on Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just a great day for sports fans. The Seahawks and Broncos are looking at a high stakes game with world-class athletes on both sides of the line. This year’s game is looking to be especially exciting with the Broncos being favored to win by 2 points.

Bet on the Super Bowl

Will Richard Sherman be able to shut down Peyton Manning’s passing game? Will Marshawn Lynch enter ‘Beast Mode’ and tear through the Broncos line? Will Chris Christie shut down the expressway on the way to the Super Bowl? Will sub-zero temps impact the players? The variables for Super Bowl XLVIII are innumerable.

The tight odds aren’t keeping people from betting on the game, though. Whether it’s a Super Bowl office pool, sports betting in Vegas, or even one of the many crazy prop bets out there, Americans are going to be wagering an estimated $100 million dollars of their hard earned cash this year.

Want to know what people are betting on this year? Here are three of the more interesting prop bets for this year’s Super Bowl.

What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning head coach?

It’s not a proper championship game without a cooler full of Gatorade poured over the head of the winning coach, even in sub-zero temps. The odds are favoring water on this one at 2:1 odds.

Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the national anthem?

Knowshon Moreno isn’t ashamed of his emotions, but that won’t stop people from betting on whether or not Moreno will let loose the waterworks. In fact, Moreno’s emotional security has the odds favoring tears at 4:1.

Will the sportscasters say the word “marijuana” on air?

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington has come under the spotlight with both of the drug-friendly states being represented in the big game. Pete Carroll and NFL Commissioner Goodell have also mentioned the possibility of using medical marijuana in the sports league, so this is one bet you might want to make despite the 11:2 odds for Yes.

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